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I messaged my friend about my bonus round as it unfolded. After about 50 spins, I was already at $550. At 292 spins left, I was at $1108.50. Very next spin put me over the $1200 handpay mark. And just a few spins later, I retriggered for 50 more free spins! 2020-12-10 12.49.20.jpg 2020-12-10 12.52.38.jpg I crossed into the $2000 mark with 280. A unicow is a hybrid of a cow and a unicorn.Players can create unicows in Creature Creation, in the basement dungeon of the Tower of Life building once they complete the Tower of Life quest. A player can create a unicow by activating the altar (found in the north-west part of the basement) while having a cowhide and a unicorn horn in their inventory. The Homunculus in the dungeon then creates. BIGGEST JACKPOT PLANET MOOLAH HANDPAY on YOUTUBE MASSIVE UNICOW BONUS w/ EZ Life SlotsHuge congratulations to Ari for hitting her biggest and best In.

UP TO $17.50 MAX BETS on the Invaders Return From The Planet Moolah slot machine from WMS!

Invaders Return From The Planet Moolah is the follow-up to the classic Invaders From The Planet Moolah where you win by landing winning line combinations and each symbol that participates in a win disappears and additional symbols drop into the reels until you cease to have a winning combination.

If you can do this for 4 or more or more times in succession, you trigger the Invasion Bonus as follows:

4 consecutive cascades: 7 free plays.

5 consecutive cascades: 10 free plays.

6 consecutive cascades: 15 free plays.

7 consecutive cascades: 20 free plays.

8 consecutive cascades: 50 free plays.

9 consecutive cascades: 75 free plays.

10 consecutive cascades: 100 free plays.

11 or more consecutive cascades: 200 free plays.

To help, there are special cow wild symbols that activate special features if used in a winning combination:

  1. Double Bonus: The number of free plays awarded for a given number of cascades is doubled.

    Starburst, Mega Moolah, Gonzo’s Quest – these are three of the most popular free casino games online. Slot games are by far the most popular to play for free, closely followed by video poker. Video gambling games. The modern day gambling video games originate from casino slot machines, the good old one-armed bandits. Back in their glory days, the grandfathers of the video slot machines worked after you inserted a coin and pulled the lever. Now you just click a few buttons on your screen and the game is on!

  2. Drop-In Wilds: One reel(2, 3, or 4) is shifted so that the bottom-most wild symbols appear on the top row of that reel. The symbols appearing on that reel of the grid are replaced with new symbols.

  3. Blast Reels: On the next cascade where there is no win, between 5 and 11 positions are selected to be blasted and new symbols are added. If the position selected to be blasted is covered by the Top Symbol or a wild symbol, that position will not be blasted.

  4. Moolah Bonus: If free plays are awarded on the spin where the Moolah Bonus is awarded, all wild symbols will become credit wild symbols for all subsequent free plays of that wager.

  5. Unicow: Awards the Double Bonus, Moolah Bonus, and Drop-In Wilds, and awards three Blast Reels features!

In addition, on any base game cascade where this is no win, a 'Mystery Blast' may occur where between 5 and 11 positions will be blasted(With the exception of the Top Symbol and wild symbols) giving you a second chance!

Also somewhat surprisingly, at the end of any wager, a mystery pay of the total bet may be awarded.

In Invaders Return From The Planet Moolah, it's all about capturing the Unicow for not only a Big Win, but a Huge Win or Jackpot, maybe next time! Enjoy!

Frank Mendoza

Love your videos, man! keep up the amazing work!

South Cowgirl 504

Congrats on your win! More luck to you.

G Money Slot Machine Videos

Indeed a great comeback! I know you had to battle it out here and it came through for you in the end. I always do like games with cascading reels those are always fun. Great video as always thanks for posting!

Kawaii Economics

i hope to try this one again, I saw it in the casino once but didn't understand the potential as I didn't even win back my bet on 10 spins haha

Jonathan Schill

Love the channel man! Why have you switched to the progressive betting though? Just curious

Shane Garland

Great session and video! Thanks for the entertainment as always! Never a dull video, not even bonus carnage!

NG Slot

That was really action bonus , i would like very much it paid you JACKPOT my friend, I dont know why i dont play this game at all , should to give a try


I ❤️ those dang cows and their funny 'moo's.' Fun watching your video as always!


I played this game last week betting max bet 1 cent and lost $300 😢😫.you did well on this one. One day I am getting the unicow!

Unicow Bonus Max Bet

Annie Bear

Hello. I'm curious which one of the 'Jack' casinos you play at? We used to go to the one in Cincinnati. We have not been there since last September. We have had a lot of luck at Miami valley.

* * The Scorpio * *

Nice win! Mooo😁 It's very funny game😀

Tim Lanigan

At first I thought that was just a random guy in the bonus, saying mooooo

Cynthia Holler

I like this game, but it doesn't like me :(
Another fun time watching!

Michael Porlier

I landed a Unicow once. 350 bet on pennies.. and it landed 5th real with no connectors. I cashed out and went home haha

Coach T.

I really like your rotating bets. Good luck with it.

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Farming is great! In fact, the world cannot do without agriculture. For those who have visited the farm at one point or the other, you will get to see that again in the Invaders from Planet Moolah slot. For those who have never been to the farm at all, this game’s theme will give you the necessary farm experience that you want. Have you noticed that farmers always complain that Cows normally invade their farms and eat the crops? With this game, WMS is giving you an avenue to see the cows demonstrate their penchant for invasion in this game.

Beyond that incredible experience that you will get, you will also have the opportunity to win real money for yourself especially if you follow the laid down rules and principles of the game that will be highlighted here in the paragraphs ahead. Having realised the importance of this slot to you in your quest for making money, we have decided to write slot review to help every step of the way. This review is comprehensive enough, and it has all the essentials of the game. So, all that you need to do now is to relax and read every single sentence that is in this review. If you are ready, here we go!

The Amazing Attributes

As you already know by now, Invaders from Planet Moolah casino slot online is made by WMS. It has 5 reels and 25 winning play lines. The minimum and the maximum coin range is 1 on a line. Similarly, the least value of coins size is 0.01 while the highest value of coins size is 5. The highest amount of bet that you can place is 125 credits while the least betting amount that you can put in is 0.25 credits. You should note that just like it is the case with many casino games, your payout is directly proportional to the value of stake you make. That is, if your bet amount is high, you should expect to get a higher prize. However, if your bet amount is low, your prize will not be so head-snapping. Depending on how well you are able to strategy your game, you have the chance to hit the jackpot of 750x. Apart from this, your chance of winning an awesome prize in this game is very high; it has a return to player (RTP) as high as 96%.

Invaders from Planet Moolah Symbols Are Rewarding

As you play Invaders from Planet Moolah slot machine, you will get to see outstanding symbols that come with great prizes. Although the values of these icons vary, some of the icons that will give you great earnings and which you should be aiming to see on reels all time are various Cow symbols. They act as the wild in this pokie. Other great symbols that you will come across as you start playing include a cowgirl, the man, grandpa, grandma, an alien fleet jackpot icon, and a dog.

You will get to see that the reels encompass the earth and they are rural in nature. There, you will see an outhouse, a carton of milk, a mailbox, chickens, a cosy trailer, a red barn and an old pick-up truck.

Unleashing the Bonus Features

It’s now time to learn the nitty-gritty to of the game and unleash the bonus features for yourself and subsequently win an awesome prize.

  • The Cascading Reels

There is nothing less than 5 spinning spaceships on the reels. Different cows occupy each of these spaceships. They are determined to displace any icon in order to create a winning combination. The moment this occurs, the icons will vamoose and will be replaced by new icons, and this gives every slot player the opportunity to create a new winning round.

  • Free Spins button

One great thing for you to know is that if you can coordinate your game very well to create at least four wins within one row, you will start getting free spins. The amount of free spins that you will get depends on the number of wins. If you have 4 wins, you will get 7 free spins. For 5 wins, you will get 10 free spins; 6 wins will give you 15 free spins, 7 wins will give you 25 free spins while eight wins will award you 50 free spins.

One other tip that you have is that you can re-trigger this free spins features anytime you wish to do that.

Unicow Bonus

Play, Earn and Enjoy

Unicow Bonus Return From Planet Moolah

It is good that you have the opportunity to read this review at this very important time. You have now seen how you can use what you just learn to win amazingly great prizes for yourself. The Invaders from Planet Moolah free adventure promises to be a rewarding one; you need to embark on the journey as soon as possible. The slot became one of the most successful casinos online game you can get anywhere not by mistake but because of the values that lie in it. You really don’t need to waste any time at all. This is your chance to win real money. Therefore, nothing should hold you back. With a return to player of 96%, you can find out yourself that you have the good opportunity to win a prize if you try this casino game out. Apart from this, you also have the opportunity to hit a jackpots of 750x. Much has already been said, it is time to launch into action and play Invaders from Planet Moolah for real money. Good luck to you.