Token Slot Machines For Sale

  1. All reconditioned slot machines for sale that will be used in a home operate on 110 volts with a three-prong plug, and are ready to play.
  2. Cash Boxes Coin Counters Currency Counters Casino Gifts Specials. Credit Application. Service and support. USED TOKENS: Quarter sized Slot Machine Tokens, imported from Japanese Ginza Strip casinos. Work in all Japanese Pachislo Slot Machines SIZE= 0.984 inches (25 mm).
  3. Pachislo Slot Machines, Tokens, Parts, Manuals, featuring 684 items, including PACHISLO Slot Machine Door Lock / Key 2.75 Y Hook, SLOT MACHINE PLAY / CREDIT BUTTON, 1.25X1.25 BASE, RARE PACHISLO SLOT MACHINE COIN MECHANISM for Yamasa 7 Pin, OEM PACHISLO Slot Machine Door Lock / Latch / Key, PACHISLO SLOT MACHINE COIN MECHANISM ACCEPTS QUARTERS & TOKENS, PACHISLO SLOT MACHINE STOP REEL BOARD.

Apr 06, 2020 Tokens go back to early days of coin machines in the late 1800’s. At that time manufacturers not only put their name on it, some also put a picture of their machine right on the token. Originally tokens were mostly solid. Between the 1920’s and ’40’s, slot machine manufacturers made tokens with a hole in the center. Gambler's Oasis was founded on the principal of providing top quality casino slot machines and gaming devices to your home at the most reasonable price. Whether you want one slot machine or twenty slot machines.

Below is a listing of independent coin operated machine service and part vendors that
provide their services to the general public.
You can also contact your specific product maker
directlyby visiting our
Arcade Game & Vending Machine Manufacturers Service Directory

A good strategy to find replacement parts on the web is to search for the actual part number
or name of part (if known) on Google. You may also find that eBay (although aterriblesource
for purchasing used games) can be a good resourcefor locating hard to find, discontinued and
obsolete coin operated arcade game, video game, pinball, jukebox and vending machine parts.

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Arcade Games, Jukebox, Pinball and Vending
Machine Repair Providers USA & Canada

(When contacting any if the companies below, please tell them that you found them on

Ajax Service & Repair -
Specializing in the in-home repair of pinball machines, jukeboxes,
video games, touch screens, slot machines, redemption games, cranes and other coin
operated equipment in the Northern VA, MD, and DC areas. Call Chris at (571) 722-2157

ALCO Music - Vending company that also repairs coin operated machines. Serves the Greater
Cleveland, OH area up to one hour away. Call (330) 799-2025 Email:
[email protected]

Amusement Repair Service -
Repair, Sales, Rentals of all amusement and vending equipment.
Serves greater Easley, SC area. Call Pete at (864) 306-9218 Email: [email protected]

Alan Neuman Amusements
Specialized in service of pinball machines and video games.
Located in Ventura County, CA. Call (805) 626-8277 Email:
[email protected]
Antique Amusement Service -
Service, restoration and in-home repair of jukebox, pinball
and coin-op games, 1930s and up. Servicing Southern New England and Tri-State NY area.
Call Tony at (203) 288-3797 Email: [email protected]

Arcade Game Repair - Specializing in solid state pinball repairs and restorations for over 35 years
in the Portland, OR area.
Call Rodger Kilgore at(503) 381-4363 Email : [email protected]

At Location Vending Repairs
- Specializes in in-home repair of EM (electro-mechanical) and
modern pinball machines, videogames, jukeboxes, arcade games, etc. Located in Amityville, NY,
and willing to travel anywhere within reason. Call (631) 264-3520 Email: [email protected]

Big E Antique Service
- Specialized in repair and restoration of vintage pinball, slot machines,
trade simulators, horse racing and amusement machines from the 1930's to the mid 1980's.
Based near MD, Wash DC & Northern VA. Email: [email protected]

Boise Pinball Repair-Repairs EM and modern electronic pinball machines in Boise, ID.
Call (208) 344-5271 Email: [email protected]

Cliff's Home Amusement Services
-Repairs both old and modern coin operated amusement
devices near Hampton Roads, VA Call (757) 287-7781 Email: [email protected]

Coin Op Music & Amusement Machines
-30 years experience in the service and repair of
jukeboxes, slot machines, pinballs, videos and others machines near the Athens and
Atlanta GA area
(Watkinsville, GA) Call (706) 614-7957 Email:[email protected]

Doctor Pinball - Quality BUMPER-TO-BUMPER inspection and repair of both electronic and
electromechanical (EM) pinball machines and arcade games. Over 40 years experience.
Based in Long Island / NYC area but can travel all 50 states. Our motto: 'WE'VE GOT BALLS!'
Contact Bob at (516) FLIPPER Email: [email protected]

Green Mountain - Offers full service to Pinball Machines; all Models from 1930s to the 1990s.
Stocks several thousand parts both new and used. Services the greater Richmond, VT area.
Call Rob or Bob at (802) 434-3717 Email: [email protected]

Home Arcade Repair Services- 35+ Yrs. experience in coin-operated type: pinball machine, video
game and shuffle alley, in-shop or on-site repairs/refurbishments.
On-site services available to
most of Connecticut, and Westchester, Putnam & Dutchess Counties in New York
Driving Distances) Contact Eric at: (203) 546-7613 Email:
[email protected]
Huck's Circuit Board Repair - Professionalrepair of all pinball related and vending machine
circuit boards nationwide. Call (661) 718-3444 Email: [email protected]
In-Home Pinball Service - Specialize in the in-home repair of pinball games from the 1940s to
present and dome hockey - Based in lower Michigan. Call (248) 349-2954 Email: [email protected]
Infinite Board Repair - Service, repair, and tech support for 1980 and up for all Pinball circuit boards
and any most video game boards. Programming of ROMs and custom IC's + repair and replacement
of hard drives for most arcade game systems. Has large library of game ROMs available. 1166 Condor
Circle, Coquitlam, BC, Canada. Call John at (604) 944-9809 Email: [email protected]
JD's Mobile Arcade Repair - Focused on arcade game, pinball machine, and redemption game repair
and offers commercial and residential repair services on a wide-range of coin-operated games within
a 120 mile radius of Phoenix, AZ - Call John at (520) 829-2451 Email : [email protected]
or visit his website at :

Mid-West Pinball Restoration- Conducts in-home repairand restoration of pinball machines in
Chicago, IL and the surrounding suburbs. Call (312) 925-1386 Email: [email protected]
Ni-Wumpf Ltd - Repairing circuit boards from the following games: Gottlieb (all models), Williams
Bally, Game Plan and Atari. Produces replacement circuit boards & replacement CPU for Gottlieb
System 1 games. Call Peter/David at (716) 582-2507 Email: [email protected]
Omega Electronics- Circuit Board Repair for all Williams, Bally and Gottlieb Arcade Games
Call Roy @ (201) 843-7054 Email: [email protected]
Patrick Versprille - 25 years experience in repairing coin operated amusement devices in the
greater Norfolk, VA - Willing to travel any distance. Call (757) 692-7187 Email:[email protected]
Perry's Pinball Repair - 30 years experience in professionalhome repair of all pinball and jukebox
machines in the greater NY, NJ ands LI Areas. Call (718) 934-8512 Email:
[email protected]
Phoenix Arcade Repair Services- Arcade Game repairs and replacement parts. Serves areas within
100 miles of Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ Call (602) 574-6202 Email: [email protected]

Pinball Paramedic Repair Service - Specializing in the repair of coin-op amusements including
pinball machines, video games, jukeboxes, slot machines, and shuffle alleys. Serves Eastern PA
from Allentown to Philadelphia. Call Tony at (215) 541-4167 Email: [email protected]
Pinball Delight- Over 30 years of electronics and vending repair. Repairs Pinball Machines,
Arcade Games, Slot Machines, Video Monitors, Jukeboxes, Vending Machines & More
- Located
near Seattle, WA (Puyallup, WA). Call Dirk : (253) 459-9015 Email: [email protected]

Token Slot Machines For Sale

Ralph Gangloff - Pinball Repair and Circuit Board Repair for all Williams, Bally and Gottlieb
Pinball Machines and Arcade Games. Call Roy @ (201) 843-7054 Email: [email protected]
Shoot Again Amusements- Specializes in theRepair/Restoration of Pinball, Jukebox and Arcade
Games in MA and NH areas. Call (978) 376-9438 Email:[email protected]
Strictly Pinball - In-Home Digital Pinball Repair and Parts, Specializing in Bally/Williams pinball
machines 1976+ and circuit board repair. Call Doug at (770) 578-0051 Email: [email protected]
Pinball Co. - Repairs all pinball machines, jukeboxes, video games, and most coin-op games
1985 & up in Chicago, IL area Call Jeff at (773) 735-0519 Email: [email protected]
The Pin Doctor- Professional in-home repair for most brands of pinball machines, video games
and bowling machines. Services Cleveland / Northeast OH area. Email: [email protected]
The Repair Connection - Repair and manufacture of circuit boards for early Bally and Williams
pinball games in the Plymouth MA area. Call Tom at (508) 224-1919 Email:[email protected]
Two Bit Score- Repairs and sells most electronic pinball machine circuit boards, plus replacement
parts, control panel overlays and marquees for Galaga / Ms Pac-Man. Also provides technical assistance
to technicians. Serves greater Austin, TX area. Call Bob at (512) 447-8888 Email:
[email protected]
Weeks Arcade Game Service - Providing 31 professional years of quality in-home or shop-out repair
service on Pinball Machine, Video Game, Jukebox, Monitor and Board repair in the greater Atlanta, GA
area. Call (678) 947-4159 Email: [email protected]

WRG Services, Inc - Services pinball machines, video game monitors, Seeburg jukeboxes, DBA's
and more in the greater Euclid, OH area. Call Jason (216) 531-1222 Email: [email protected]

Coin Operated Machines Printed Circuit Board / PCB Repair Providers

(When contacting any if the companies below, please tell them that you found them on
Professional Soldering Services- If your repair involves board-level soldering or USB / battery replacement,
leaded capacitors, resistors, charging ports, dc power jacks on print circuit boards or motherboards, let us help
with your printed circuit board level (PC board) repair. We reliably rework assembled circuit boards and offer
component placement and reliable solder joints per IPC guidelines. We also repair damaged traces on
printed circuit boards that are difficult, if not impossible to replace. Call Gloria Pitts at (630) 585-7677 or
visit their website

Microsoft free games.

Coin Operated Machines Replacement Parts and Product Manuals

(When contacting any if the companies below, please tell them that you found them on

The Pinball Resource
- Largest inventory of pinball parts with over 10,000,000 parts in stock.
Worldwide Shipping. Call Steve Young at (845) 473-7114 Email:
[email protected]
Chameleon Collectibles - Original pinball, arcade, and related advertising flyers, thousands
available from the 1950s-90s. Pinball and arcade manuals and schematics, vintage pinball
books and memorabilia. Call Joe at (609) 652-8504 Email: [email protected]

Fungus Amungus- Specializing in rare and obscure pinball books, pinball & video game flyers,
and video tapes for the pinball collector Call (519) 942-3984 Email: [email protected]
Happ Controls - Largest general arcade game parts supplier in the world. International and USA
sales offices. Excellent source for generic parts. Call (888) BUY-HAPP Email: [email protected]
Louise's Harness Shop - Makes replacement and custom wiring harnesses for most pinball
machines and arcade games. Call (800) 365-1941
Marco Specialties- Also one of the largest general game parts suppliers, and also good for
generic-type game parts. Call (803) 957-5500 Email: [email protected]
Mayfair Amusement - Largest distributor for Stern / Sega / Data East parts in the world, from
backglasses and circuit boards to schematics. Call (718) 417-5050 Email: [email protected]
PinRestore- We have products and tools to help you restore and service your pinball machine
to its full glory! Ships Worldwide. Email: [email protected]
Twisted Quarter-
Twisted Quarter manufactures and supplies quality arcade and video
game parts at low prices - Visit them online at: 941-254-7978

Zanen Electronics - Offers video monitor 'CRT Get Well' repair kits, along with all the parts
you need to fix most monitor problems. Not for the electronically challenged! (806) 793-6337

Japanese Slot Machine Tokens

Coin Operated Machines Replacement IC's, CPU's, Connectors, Capacitors, Resistors, etc

(When contacting any if the companies below, please tell them that you found them on

Allied Electronics - Major US electronic parts supplier - Over 120,000 parts online, has large
parts catalog available free. Call them at (866) 433-5722
Newark Electronics - Second largest US electronics supplier - Over 100,000 parts. Also has
large parts catalog available. Call them at (800) 4-NEWARK

Digi-Key - Third -largest US electronic parts supplier - Also has excellent parts catalog available
for free. Same day shipping, quick ship, low min order. Call them at (800) 344-4539

Jameco Electronics - Smaller specialty firm. Can sometimes locate unusual, old and obsolete
IC's, semiconductors and CPU chips. Call them at (800) 831-4242
BG Micro - Another small specialty electronic parts firm, which can also get older or
obsolete electronic parts at times. Call them at (800) 276-2206
MCM Electronics - General seller of electronics parts, electronic tools and some specialty
items. Has free catalog. Call them at
(800) 543-4330