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SportingBet Mobile Betting & App. Naturally you can visit SportingBet via an open browser on your mobile but there is also a neat SportingBet mobile app, they simply love driving their customers to it. It features Touch ID login, a dedicated in-play section, video streaming, data visualisations, a ‘quick bet’ feature and many more. SportingBet app This is a review of the SportingBet mobile betting offers for sportsbook. Also, you might consider reading our in-depth analysis of the SportingBet bookmaker SportingBet provides 3 distinct platforms to bet. Launched in 1998, via sportingbet app you can easily via smartphone make your bets. You can utilise the current mobile version in numerous browsers such as e.g. Samsung’s, Chrome, Opera as well as Safari. To view this page, you need to log in to your account. Email or User ID.

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Nowadays, smartphones became a part of every person’s life. Sportingbet, which is one of the most popular online bookmakers, and has a lot of experience behind its back, knows that and developed an amazing mobile website version and mobile application, which gives you access to the whole betting world of the bookmaker through your smartphone. Probably the better platform, which you can choose is the mobile application, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, also works perfectly, it is not dependant on your mobile browser, as the mobile site version is. Let’s go deeper in Sportingbet’s mobile platforms and how to download the mobile app on your device.

How to download Sportingbet Mobile Application on Android?

As we already mentioned, Sportingbet mobile application is available for both Android and iOS. For Android users, the app can be downloaded directly from the official website of Sportingbet. Actually, this process is so easy and can be done for no time, let’s see how to do it.

  1. First, you should open the Sportingbet mobile website version,
  2. Then, you will immediately see the download banner for the mobile app,
  3. You should click on the following download button, and the downloading process will automatically start,
  4. After that, you only need to wait for a few seconds for the download to finish and done,
  5. You just downloaded Sportingbet mobile application on your Android device.

How to install Sportingbet Mobile Application on your Android device?

After you successfully downloaded the Sportingbet mobile app on your Android device, you should focus on installing it. Actually, the installation is very easy, and the only thing you should notice is that you need to allow your device to install apps from unknown sources. Let’s see how to do it.

  • First, you should go to your smartphone’s Settings, then to the “Security Settings”, from where you can allow installation from unknown sources,
  • Now, you should open the .apk file, which you downloaded earlier,
  • Then, you should click on the installation button, and the installation will start,
  • Now, you again need to wait for a few seconds, for the installation to finish,
  • And done, you are ready to start your Sportingbet mobile journey/

System Requirements

Sportingbet mobile application works perfectly, without any bugs, lags, or crashes, but only if your device covers the minimum system requirements of the Sportingbet app. Your Android device should have installed at least 4.4 Android versions, in order to works smoothly.

How to download Sportingbet mobile application on your iOS device?

The team of Sportingbet also though about its players, who own an iOS device, by developing a separate mobile application for them. Through the iOS mobile app, you also going to have access to the whole betting world of Sportingbet, but the big advantage is that you can download it directly from the App Store. You probably know how to install an app from the App Store, but just to be sure that everything is easy for you, let’s see the downloading steps:

How to download and install the Sportingbet Mobile Application on your iOS device?

  • First, you should the App Store on your iOS device,
  • Then, you should go to the search bar and type “Sportingbet”,
  • Once you locate the app, you should click on “Get”, which will start the downloading and installing process,
  • Now, you only need to wait for a few seconds to finish,
  • And done, you just get the Sportingbet mobile app, and you can find it on your home screen.

System requirements

For iOS devices, Sportingbet mobile application also have minimum system requirements, which you should cover, in order for the application to work properly without any bugs, lags or crashes. You should have installed at least a 9.0 iOS version. But, if your device does not cover the minimum system requirements, do not worry, you can still use the mobile website version, which also gives you access to everything, which is available on the Sportingbet desktop site.

Sportingbet Mobile Website Version

Apart from the mobile application for both Android and iOS devices, the team of Sportingbet has to offer you the mobile website version, which can be accessed directly from your mobile browser. So, if there is a reason to not download the mobile app, you can use it for free. Through Sportingbet mobile website version, you also have access to everything, creating an account, sports betting options, casino and live casino games, bonus offers, payments, features, etc. The interface of the mobile website version is similar to the desktop site, but the navigation menus are positioned, in order to fit your mobile screen.

The only thing, which is bad about Sportingbet mobile website version, is that it is dependant on your mobile browser. As a result, if you use the mobile site version, you may face problems with lags, bugs, or crashes. But, at all, no matter if you choose to use Sportingbet’s mobile application or mobile website version, you are going to be more than satisfied from the experience you can get.

Sportingbet Mobile Application Usage

For no doubt, the better mobile platform of Sportingbet is the mobile application, which gives you access to the whole online betting world of the bookmaker. The mobile application is well-optimized, and you are not going to face any software problems. Do not forget that you can even turn on the push notifications, which will notify you every time something happens about an exact even you want.

By using Sportingbet mobile application, you are going to have frequent updates, and the only requirement for using it is to have an internet connection, which usage is much less than the mobile website version.

Sportingbet Mobile Features

The purpose of developing mobile application and mobile website version of the Sportingbet team is to provide the best betting services and options to its players, through their smartphones. So, through both the mobile website version and mobile application, you can benefit from all of the amazing features available in the Sportingbet desktop site. Let’s see some of the notable features.


One of the most popular and beneficial features, is the cash-out, which literally gives you full control on your already placed bets. You can withdraw your money before even the game ended. This is perfect to ensure winnings, prevent any loss, and also is perfect for players who love risky bets and high odds,

Live Streaming

The other amazing feature, which is available through both the mobile application and mobile website version of Sportingbet is the live streaming, which allows you to watch an exact game live, in an HD quality, and also you can see the full statistics of this game,

Live Betting

The next one, is the ability to bet on live games through Sportingbet mobile. You only need to click on the “Live” button, and you can enjoy betting on live games, which odds are escalating every second, so you can win a lot of money for no time.

Sportingbet Mobile Application vs Mobile Website Version

No matter that Sportingbet mobile website version and mobile application are quite similar, they still have differences, which may affect your choice. Now, let’s see what the mobile application has that the mobile website version has not, by listing all of the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Mobile Application Advantages

  • Better gaming interface through Sportingbet app,
  • Live streaming is in HD quality,
  • Faster loading of all casino and live casino games,
  • Mobile applications are not dependant on the browser,
  • Push up notification, which will keep you informed about each game you want,
  • More economical in mobile data usage.

Mobile Application Disadvantages

  • Downloading and Installation is required,
  • Quite a lot free space required, especially for iOS devices,
  • May not be compatible with some devices.

Mobile Website Version Advantages

  • No download and installation is required,
  • No free space is required,
  • It can run on every device, with no system requirements.

Mobile Website Version Disadvantages

  • Lower Quality Graphics,
  • Bad interface especially on smaller devices,
  • Some casino games and live streams may not work,
  • A lot of mobile data required,
  • Slower loading times.

Sportingbet Mobile Bonus Offers

The team of Sportingbet considers all its players as equal, so there is no specific mobile bonus offer, everything which is available on the mobile, is available on the desktop site too. But, if you are a mobile user, do not be disappointed you can still claim all of the bonus offers, which are available for claiming through the desktop version.

Payment Methods

Through both the mobile application and mobile website version of Sportingbet, you can proceed with payments. For the deposit methods, you have a minimum limit of 10 pounds for almost all methods, and the waiting times are instant, except for the Bank Wire Transfer, which may take up yo 5 business days to proceed, also Skrill and Paypal can take up to 24 hours to proceed. For withdraws, you have a minimum limit of 10 pounds, except for Skrill, where the minimum is 250 pounds. For each withdraw method to proceed in Sportingbet, it can take from 1 to 5 business days.

  • Visa Card,
  • Bank Wire Transfer,
  • Master Card,
  • Neteller,
  • Skrill,
  • Paysafe Card,
  • Ukash,
  • Maestro Card,
  • Delta.

For the full list of payment methods, also for more information about limits and waiting times, you can go to the “Payments” section of the Sportingbet official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is live chat available through the mobile application of Sportingbet for iOS?

A: Yes, the live chat option is available through the mobile application for both iOS and Android devices. Online gambling no deposit bonus.

Sportingbet app

Q: If my smartphone shuts down when I’m playing a casino game, will I lose my money?

A: No, Sportingbet mobile application is designed to save your progress when you get disconnected. So, when you get back, you can continue from where you were.

Sportingbet App Download

Q: Can I enjoy live streaming through the mobile application of Sportingbet?

A: Yes, the live streaming feature is available through both the mobile application and mobile website version of Sportingbet.

Q: Can I recover my password through Sportingbet mobile application?

A: Yes, Sportingbet mobile app gives you full control over your account, including recovering your password. You only need to go to the login section, click on the forgot button, then enter your e-mail, where you will receive full instructions on how to recover your password.

Customer Support and Contacts

If you ever face some problems or have some questions, no matter if they are connected with Sportingbet mobile application, mobile website version, bonus offers, payment methods, or whatever else, you should contacts the customer support agents of the bookmaker, who are working 24/7 for you. Do not forget that you can even contact them through both the mobile application and mobile website version.


  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
  • Mobile Numbers:
  • 0800 0280348 - for UK,
  • 1800 7649804 - for Canada,
  • 00353 1 6297332 - for every other country.
  • Live Chat: Yes.


Sportingbet App

Sportingbet is one of the leading online bookmakers, which has a lot of experience behind its back. This is exactly why the team of the bookmaker developed a mobile application and mobile website version, in order to give access to players, who are always in a hurry and do not have enough time to sit in front of the computer to enjoy playing in Sportingbet desktop site. The mobile application of Sportingbet is the better mobile platform, which you can choose, and the good news is it is available for both Android and iOS devices. In order to start using it, you only need to download and install it, which you already know how to do it from the steps we gave you above. Sportingbet mobile gives you access to the whole betting world of the bookmaker, so you are not going to miss anything.