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Chips used for poker are among the most iconic parts of gambling overall. One complete basic set of poker chips usually consists of red, white, blue, green, and black chips. In addition, other larger high stakes tournaments also use other chipsets with more colors. For the most popular types of games like Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, or any other that uses chips as currency, you simply have to know how much each color is worth. It is important to remember that no set rules are in place for the values and that these are rather are common standards at poker events. In this article, we will go over the usual ways poker chips are valued during games.

Red Chip Poker

Basic Poker Chips

White – $1

Pink – $2.50 (This is rare in poker, and it is sometimes used in black-jack)

Red – $5

The world's most complete poker course is here. Enroll in CORE today and develop a legit poker strategy from the ground-up for just $5/week.

Blue – $10

Green – $25

Black – $100

Full Poker Chips

White – $1

Yellow – $2 (Again, rarely used)

Red – $5

Blue – $10

Grey – $20 (Sometimes green)

Green – $25

Orange – $50

Black – $100

Pink – $250

Purple – $500

Yellow – $1000 (These are sometimes burgundy or gray)

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Light Blue – $2000

Brown – $5000

Are You Hosting a Poker Event?

If you want to host a game of poker with a maximum of 10 players, the experts suggest you should have around 500 chips in three or four colors. If you plan to hold a much larger game with up to 30 people, an around 1,000 chips in four or five colors is what you will need. Regarding sets of chips for your own games, you should keep the number of different colors low and have the most chips of the lowest value. Then, you should have progressively smaller numbers of chips as they climb in value. One example of this is a 4:3:2:1 ratio for $1, $5, $10, and $25 chips. For 500 poker chips, totals of 200, 150, 100, and 50 chips in white, red, blue and green is the common practice.

Casino Chips

Casinos tend to have their own custom-designed chips that have monetary value and the name of the casino printed either printed or engraved on the sides. These are also often multi-colored, stylized, and have patterns. The color-coding in the casinos often follows the values listed above, but many casinos make up their own systems.

Atlanta casinos mostly follow the basic practice of white, pink, red, green, and black chips. They also add yellow chips for $20 and blue chips for $10.

Las Vegas casinos are arguably the most popular in the world, and they also follow the primary system. They too, however, add $20 chips. The Wynn casino also has brown $2 chips and peach $3 chips.

California has no legal laws for chip colors in California, but a common color coding method is as follows:


$1 is usually blue

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$2 is green

$3 is red

$5 is yellow

$10 is brown

$20 is black

$25 is purple

Red Chip Poker Core Review

$100 is white and sometimes larger

$500 is brown or gray and often larger

High-Value Chips

A chip that is worth more than $5,000 is rarely available at the public in casinos, because high-stakes games are mostly held privately. At these events, casinos sometimes use rectangular plaques that are around the same size as playing cards. Casinos that allow high-stakes gambling in public areas have plaques of $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, and even higher. Only Nevada and Atlantic City have these casinos.

This all will be unnecessary if you are going to an online casino because the chips are already counted for you. However, not all online casinos are user friendly, to say it like this. Some of them have the Gamstop tool that prevents players with gambling issues to approach the site. To avoid such sites, you can check the list of non Gamstop casinos at sites such as

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Most of the gambling games through history used some sort of cash marker for the currency. However, the first use of chips dates back at the early 1800s when the saloons and gaming houses in the Wild West started using engraved bones, ivory, or clay as chips. These were quite easy to copy however, so by the 1880s, several commercial companies manufactured customized clay chips for the use in saloons and gaming houses. They were carefully detailed and hard to forge.

In contemporary casinos, chips are custom and manufactured, still containing a percentage of clay. Some can also be ceramic. The weight, texture, design, and color are carefully observed and controlled, and some high-end casinos even have microchips in them, which means they are impossible to copy.

Red Chip Poker is one of many poker training websites that have popped up over the past years. Their main idea is to produce videos and series on different poker topics and you let the subscribers learn what they can from the videos themselves. This makes perfect sense, but even with that there’s really no evidence that it gives us highly-skilled poker players, and with that in mind you cannot say that it is the best way to teach people poker.

Red Chip Poker has taken it upon itself to change that and has launched the Red Chip Poker CORE program, it differs greatly from the norm.

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It was inspired by the combined experience of Red Chip Poker coaches who have worked with over a hundred students and by realizing that a lot of those same coaches have an education background.

The Red Chip Poker team got together and spend hours upon hours thinking of the best way to pass their poker experience onto others, all in all it took months of hard to come up with it. In the end they came up with the most comprehensive A-Z poker course that has been made so far. If you choose to learn with CORE you get to learned the right material at the time you need to do it.

Poker instruction should try to be like higher education methodology

Let’s take a non-poker example from the real world. If you enroll in college and choose a major in physics. You get a list of courses you need to take and some you can choose from. Furthermore, you will also have to take math classes that help you solve some physics problems. You will also have to take lab classes in order to be able to understand other parts of physics like experiments and so on.

In other majors, your path will most likely be very similar to that. Back to physics, you won’t only have to learn maths but you will probably have to learn basic mechanics, electricity, and magnetism. After that, you will start learning wave motion and optics and start getting into quantum physics. As this process goes on the curriculum will probably diverge, but in most cases will have solid-state physics and full-on quantum mechanics, right next to special and general relativity.

So imagine this, if a physics professor looked at a physics major syllabus from another college, she would probably see a very similar curriculum given by her department,

Universities have been teaching physics for hundreds of years already, and some of the advanced courses have changed in order to keep up with the times, but what needs to be learned, at what pace and in what order has been tested out through generations and generations of students. The best evidence that it works is probably that when students are done with the course they have the skills to be physicists.

And that is the same approach Red Chip has gone with CORE.

They broke down poker to its basic elements, and through Core, they want to present this very complex game in a way that everyone can understand. Each next lessons takes cues from the former and you even get quizzes.

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The cost of this amazing poker learning course is just $5 per week which also makes one of the cheapest out there while being the best. The only requirement is that you are able to balance a checkbook and have enough motivation and ambition to succeed. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran you can start this course and gain useful knowledge.