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Costing less than gold bars or other similar-sized coins, gold sovereigns are the cheapest way to buy and sell relativity small amounts of gold. At ATS Bullion, we will always sell at the best price we can, giving you peace of mind knowing that we’ll always offer a fair and honest price. Buy British gold Sovereigns online today. Gold Sovereign coins are the UK's most popular investment gold coin. Our gold sovereign price is the cheapest around. The Gold Sovereign is Tax free and Capital Gains Tax exempt. Minted from 1817 to pres with cheap prices. Half Sovereigns: This 22ct gold coin contains 3.66g of fine gold and we frequently sell these for between £90 and £100. Guineas: Guineas vary widely in price, with modern ones fetching.

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Today’s bullion value for Sovereigns As you read this, the bullion value of a full gold sovereign stands at £. You should expect a reputable dealer to offer a few percent below this when selling bullion grade coins. Get your Sovereign valued.

If you own gold sovereigns, you might be tempted to sell them for good reason. Though these coins are quite beautiful, they are also worth decent money. Gold sovereigns have a nominal value of a single pound sterling throughout the United Kingdom. Gold sovereigns are currently relied upon as bullion coins and are also used for jewellery.

If you are looking to make some quick money, don’t let those old gold sovereigns collect dust in a storage compartment in your closet. This is especially true for owners of the more valuable sovereigns. In particular, the British Edward VIII sovereign is worth quite the tidy sum of money. These coins are available in very limited quantities as production was shut off once Edward VIII relinquished his position on the throne.

If your family has held onto gold sovereigns for decades or longer, it is worth taking a look at your collection just in case you happen to have one of these ultra-rare pieces. A British Edward VIII sold a few years ago for over £500,000. Even if you don’t have a highly-coveted gold sovereign, you can still sell your sovereigns to Gold Smart for good money.

Gold Sovereign History

Gold sovereign minting was in full gear up until a government-issued shut down in 1604. Production later resumed in 1817. The Coin Act of 1816 dictated exactly how much gold could be used in gold sovereigns. About 113 grains of gold were permitted to be used in each gold sovereign. Gold sovereigns were minted according to this standard for the next century until being halted once again in 1817. Minting resumed in 1925, was halted yet again and production later resumed in 1957.

Gold sovereigns have been minted from this point on forward without interruption. Though gold sovereigns have been minted in countries like Australia, South Africa, and Canada, modern-day minting is strictly limited to the Llantrisant, Wales Royal Mint. The gold sovereigns produced at this mint are generated in a special precious metal space that is completely sealed off from the other portions of the facility.

Part of the British government’s motivation for resuming the production of gold sovereigns in 1957 was to combat counterfeiting operations in Italy and Syria. There was also concern that the coin would lose its reputation unless minting resumed. Many still used gold sovereigns to make payments at this point in history.

It was quite common to rely on these coins as a form of payment for services provided by the government. It is worth noting that the date on these coins is a reference to the year its die was created. This means the date on your gold sovereigns is not an accurate indication of the year in which it was struck. The Mint has also been known to strike these coins with a previous year’s date or even with the date of the upcoming year.

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Aside from regular gold sovereigns, half sovereigns were also been struck for circulation purposes. Though two-pound double sovereigns, five-pound quintuple sovereigns, and ten-shilling half sovereigns were also struck, they were never dispersed into circulation. The sovereign series received a new coin in 2009 when The Royal Mint issued a quarter-sovereign piece.

Gold Sovereign Nuances

Gold sovereigns weigh 7.988052 grams. They have a girth of 1.52 mm, a diameter of 22.05 mm, and a 22-carat fineness. Gold sovereigns’ Crown gold alloy (1/12 copper and 11/12 gold) is exactly the same as that used in the initial sovereigns produced in 1817. Alloy is relied upon to provide these gold coins with the rigidity required to guard against denting and scratching that occurs amidst their handling. The gold content of these coins is exactly 7.322381 grams.

In terms of design, the gold sovereign initially featured a shield, a crown, and a heraldic wreath. The design later shifted to a Benedetto Pistrucci rendering of Saint George slaying a dragon. This portrayal is still displayed on British gold sovereigns. However, additional designs were displayed on the coins during the ruling periods of Queen Elizabeth II, King William IV, and several other monarchs.

It is also interesting to note that gold sovereigns typically have a high premium to the value of gold compared to many other bullion coins. There are several reasons why this high premium exists. Firstly, the unit cost of the Sovereign is higher than gold bullion coins like the Krugerrand. Each gold sovereign has a unit cost of less than one-quarter of an ounce. There is also a strong demand for gold sovereigns amongst coin collectors. Add in the costs involved with pinpointing and maintaining such a numismatic coin and it is easy to see why the gold sovereign has such a premium.

Gold Smart Wants Your Gold Sovereigns

If you own gold sovereigns or gold of any other sort, we would like to make you a fair offer. Even if you don’t have a British Edward VIII gold sovereign, we are still interested in your collection! Gold Smart is also interested in your silver, platinum, and other precious metals. You won’t find prices better than ours. Reach out to us today for a free quote.

Price Of Gold Sovereigns To Sell Gold Bars

10 K $24.61
14 K $34.46
16 K $39.38
18 K $44.31
21 K $51.69
22 K $54.15
24 K $59.07

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What to avoid when selling Gold?

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Like any other business, there are mischievous people who will try to confuse someone trading in their gold for cash, due to the sellers need for money or lack of education on precious metals. If you are looking to get a fair amount for your gold, avoid dealers that will give multiple low offers. If you decide to sell your gold make sure it is a legitimate jewelry store and not a location with a few desks claiming to be a refinery or precious metals specialist. WARNING: DO NOT ACCEPT AN OUT OF STATE CHECK, unless you are comfortable with the buyer and are willing to wait 3-7 business days for the check to clear.

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How to sell your Gold Properly:

Call the company you are planning to sell gold and ask them the following questions:

Do you pay Cash or Check when you buy my gold and are your checks from a local bank?
What is the price you pay per gram? Provide the gold buyer you are talking to the proper Karat of Gold you are selling example: 10k 14K 18K. If the company representative tells you they do not pay per gram and only pay by pennyweight you should avoid going to the location. If they reply 'We do not quote prices over the phone', then it is in your best interest to start looking for other reputable dealers who can answer your questions honestly and not attempt to deceive you.
Is stone removal free? Remember, some stones are worth more than the gold the stone is set on. Diamonds are worth MONEY. They should be paid for or returned to you.
What form of ID is required to sell you my gold? (They should ask for your driver’s license.) If they do not require STATE ID, this means the company most likely buys stolen merchandise and you should clearly avoid the gold buyer. Buying Gold requires buyers to obtain a Second Hand Dealers License in the state they are buying Gold, Silver and Platinum jewelry and coins.
Ask the Gold Buyer to provide a detailed invoice at the time of sale with a breakdown of items sold to them for your records.