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Questions about PlayOLG

  • What is PlayOLG?

    PlayOLG is an online casino that is aimed at residents of Ontario. It offers a good selection of casino games and also has access to a number of different lottery competitions. There are a number of features available at PlayOLG, with players given access to promotions and lots of other bonuses. There are also instant win games that function like scratch cards that can be played at PlayOLG. It has a lot of positives, although there are some smaller issues that stop it from being a go to for every Canadian player.

    The main one is that it’s only available to residents of Ontario. This means that players who are outside of this province will not be able to enjoy the range of games and features that PlayOLG offers. However, if you are inside Ontario then there are a lot of positives on offer here and it should definitely be a casino that players consider trying out.

  • Can I play PlayOLG from other regions other than Ontario?

    This is a nuanced question. While at first glance players can only play at PlayOLG if they are in Ontario, there are some aspects that make the answer not quite that simple. Firstly, if you’re not a resident of Ontario, but you are inside the province then you can play at PlayOLG. You must be inside the area in order to play though, so once you go back outside then you won’t be able to use your account. Not officially anyway.

    PlayOLG doesn’t block VPN connections. So this means that players from outside Ontario will be able to gain access to the site. However, if you use this method to play at PlayOLG, then it is quite a risky tactic. It does mean that if PlayOLG discovers you are not within Ontario when you are playing then you could have your account closed and your funds confiscated. So it’s best not to take that risk unless you understand there is a good chance you could lose all of your bankroll.

  • Does PlayOLG offer a lot of games?

    While at first glance it might appear that PlayOLG has a limited choice of games on offer, this is actually not the case. It has a very good selection of titles, they’re just not that easy to find. The site navigation could be a lot better, which would make the good range of games a lot easier to discover. However, it does offer slot games, progressive jackpot games, table games, video poker and even horse racing. This is on the whole an excellent selection of games and gives Ontario based players plenty of games to choose from.

    However, it doesn’t end there. PlayOLG also gives players the ability to play at a lottery and offers instant win scratch card games. This adds to the total games that are available and makes it easy for players to find a game that they will enjoy. Once you get past the site layout, the game choice is top of the line.

  • Does PlayOLG offer a new player bonus?

    It does! There is a $300 starter package available at PlayOLG. It actually has one of the most rewarding welcome bonuses that’s available on the market. It is awarded across the first three deposits that players make to the site and comes as a 100% matched bonus on each of those deposits. The bonus is available up to a maximum of $100 on each of the three deposits which adds up to the total of $300. A promo code is required for each deposit, so it’s an opt in bonus. The codes are all very simple to remember, “first”, “second” and “third” are the three codes that need to be used on each corresponding deposit.

    What makes the bonus so rewarding are the wagering requirements. They are some of the very lowest wagering requirements on the market.Players have to wager just 10 times the bonus amount in order to get access to the bonus cash for withdrawal. So if a player got a bonus of $100 in total, they would have to playthrough just $1,000 before bonus withdrawals could be made.

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OLG Casino – It Really is Ewwwww

Playing online slots in the comfort of your own home is pretty sweet. We grab a drink, a snack and we sit in our big comfy chair and watch the big shiny reels for hours at a time. It’s fun, exciting and really provides endless hours of entertainment. Even if you don’t win, you still usually have a good time.

This is where the OLG online casino comes in. They know Canadians like yourself like to play online slots. So what did they do ? OLG decided to create their very own version of an online casino and advertised it to death.

We’ve all seen the ads right ? They’re everywhere. Magical spins no deposit bonus codes 2019. The bus, the subway, on billboards. OLG wants you to play with them and not places like the website you’re currently reading this article from.

Players from the OLG casino have spoken

OLG wants your money. They want it now and they will spend millions of advertising dollars to ensure you play with them. That’s why we spend millions upon millions on scratch tickets, lotto 649 and Max millions lotto tickets. Notice how quite often there is no winner for the major lotteries ? Kinda of weird that thousands of tickets were sold but we rarely see a winner announced.

It really creates a lack of trust and the same holds true with the OLG’s online casino.

With a little research it’s easy to see why you should avoid the OLG casino. It’s not uncommon to find 1 star ratings with the headline ” I’d give it zero stars if I could ” and that is a big problem.

Here are a few quotes from the online communities after just a 2 minute internet search.

“I used to be able to win on the OLG site but no longer, it doesn’t pay out anymore, don’t waste your money.”

“If you by chance win….dont expect your money back for a long time…if ever.even if you have provided all the docs”

“My problems are the same as every one else’s. 5$ service charges on every credit card transaction. No one will get back to you no matter if its live chat or email. They will never pay you out and it’s embarrassing to say that our own government run this scam”

“Scam! Black jack dealer always wins! It’s so obvious. at least let the player win once in a while! Omg so unbelievable”

It would appear players have a common concern. The obvious appearance of rigged games from less than popular gaming software. My own personal experience isn’t much different. Slots at the OLG casino seemed extremely unlikely to pay out anything worth mentioning and slots go quite cold , quite often. We all know slot machines have their good and bad days but when players ( myself included ) go 20 or 30 spins without a win, something is very, very wrong.

The OLG casino website design really needs improvements

I was extremely surprised at how poorly the OLG casino website was put together. After all, it’s funding is the Canadian Government. You would think they could spend a little extra money to do intensive testing before pushing it on the public. OLG failed to do this and it’s obvious from the condition of the website that their focus is not about providing an entertaining experience to their users. It’s just bleh.

Limited selection and outdated flash powered slots at OLG casino

The game selection at OLG casino is not horrible. It has the basics with their primary focus on slot machines. However, the slots themselves are very outdated and many do not work on Google chrome while others don’t work on IE, Microsoft Edge. Most games provided are flashed based which means you have to do a few things with your browser to even be able to play them. In fact, Google Chrome is getting rid of web based flashed all together due to security reasons. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Chrome users have known this for a very long time. So why would OLG create an entire online casino that is flash based ? I’d love to asked the marketing team or developers what in the world they thinking.

Olg play online casino
Just over 100 slot games available

One thing I really like about the Microgaming casinos are the large number of slot machines available. Last count, I believe is was just over 300 and that’s great. OLG has just over 100. Most of them something you would find on a free games website. Glitchy, resource demanding and in this writers opinion, not very user friendly. He is something you may not know: OLG was in such a hurry to launch their online casino to Ontario players, they started out with only 20 slot machines. Then spent millions on advertising. What ?

No loyalty program

Another missed opputunity by OLG , is their current lack of a loyalty program. Casino Rewards is a pretty common thing for players of online and land based casinos. In fact, you would be hard up to find an online casino that didn’t offer a rewards program in 2020. It is yet another missed opportunity from a sub par online casino.

Cheesy ” PlayOLG Connect Player Panel ”

Would you like to participate in online surveys ? Sure, that’s why we all go to a casino right? Well if this is your thing, head over to the OLG casino website and sign up. You “could” be rewarded for your participation. Could ? What kind of program offers a “could” be rewarded promotion ? Just awful.


You may have already tried the OLG online casino. If so, you know everything I’ve written in this article is true. If you haven’t, well maybe I just saved you some time and effort. I hope so. There are just too many other online casinos that Canadians can enjoy. Casinos that put in a huge amount of effort with years of hard work to bring players a realistic and entertaining casino experience. OLG’s lack of E–wallet banking options, misinformed customer support and outdated games makes them easy to stay away from.


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