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OBOL, as it is referred to by birders, is a computerized list-server that automatically forwards e-mails to more than 500 people. BIRDS on the WIRE Financial browser? Obol came to Maker Michael Roberts while he was eating cereal that was too-quickly turning soggy. An online search for a solution turned up nothing. He knew he wasn’t alone in his love of crunchy cereal, so Michael got to work on a new idea. Surprisingly, it was a curved slide at a swimming pool that led to his never-soggy innovation.

  1. Obold Pa
  2. Obolus



Borrowed from Ancient Greekὀβολός(obolós) (literally “spit” or “iron rod”).


  • (General American)IPA(key): /ˈɑ.bəl/, /ˈoʊ.bəl/
  • (UK)IPA(key): /ˈɒˌbɒl/, /ˈɒ.bəl/


obol (pluralobols)

  1. (historical) A silvercoin of Ancient Greece.
    In Classical Athens, there were six obols to one drachma.
  2. (historical) A weight, equivalent to one sixth of a drachma.

Derived terms[edit]

Coordinate terms[edit]


  • French: obole(fr)f
  • Greek:
    Ancient: ὀβολόςm(obolós)


  • BOLO, Lobo, bloo, bolo, bool, lobo, loob



  • IPA(key): /oˈbol/


obólmoróbolm (pluralobooláf)


  • Mohamed Hassan Kamil (2015) L’afar: description grammaticale d’une langue couchitique (Djibouti, Erythrée et Ethiopie)[1], Paris: Université Sorbonne Paris Cité (doctoral thesis)

Obold Pa

Obol coin


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