Nyc Lottery Results

The latest Win 4 results will be displayed here straight after each draw has taken place. You can view further information about a particular draw, including how many players have won and what prizes were awarded, by selecting the relevant date in the table below.

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Win 4 is played twice every day. There is a Midday Draw at 2:30pm Eastern Time and an Evening Draw at 10:30pm ET. The results from both draws are shown here, as well as the Lucky Sum for each. You can narrow the selection down by visiting the midday or evening results pages.

The numbers displayed on this page are from the last week and are shown in drawn order.

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Latest Win 4 Results

Whoever is in possession of a winning ticket can claim the prize. You should always sign the back of your ticket in case it gets lost, and contact a New York Lottery Customer Service Center if you do lose it. You can also speak to the New York Lottery Security Office on 518-388-3416 for further information. New York (NY) Lottery General Information Since 1967, the New York Lottery has earned $29 billion to support education statewide, including $2.203 billion in fiscal year 2005-2006.

Draw DateResults
February 2021
Monday February 8th 2021Midday: 6385
Evening: 9210
Sunday February 7th 2021Midday: 8712
Evening: 0931
Saturday February 6th 2021Midday: 0163
Evening: 1330
Friday February 5th 2021Midday: 5753
Evening: 3021
Thursday February 4th 2021Midday: 1474
Evening: 3509
Wednesday February 3rd 2021Midday: 6840
Evening: 0563
Tuesday February 2nd 2021Midday: 0572
Evening: 7816

View the New York Lotto Payouts and prize table for the latest draw below, held on Saturday February 6th 2021. Find out if you've won the jackpot or if it's rolled over to the next draw.

CategoryNext Estimated JackpotWinnersPrize Fund
Match 6 $2,400,000.00 Rollover 0 $0.00
Match 5 + Bonus $139,776.00 Rollover 0 $0.00
Match 5 $4,207.00 3 $12,621.00
Match 4 $26.00 536 $13,936.00
Match 3 $1.00 11,648 $11,648.00
Totals - 12,187 $38,205.00

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Payout Odds


The payouts for the latest NY Lotto draw, shown above, are calculated according to the following table.

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The money you win in each of the prize tiers, apart from matching just 3 numbers (which is fixed at $1) depends on the total prize fund and how many winners there are in each tier. Lottokings powerball.

Ny Lottery Results New York Winning Numbers

Prize LevelNumbers MatchedPercentage of Prize FundOdds of winning
Jackpot675%1 in 45,057,474
2nd5 + Bonus7.25%1 in 7,509,579
3rd55.50%1 in 144,415
4th46.25%1 in 2,180
5th3(Prize is fixed at $1)1 in 96
Your chances of winning any sort of prize are 1 in 46