New Circa Sportsbook

The Circa sportsbook app is available in two incarnations as of late 2020, with plans to expand further into the growing US sports betting market. Bettors of legal age in Colorado can download and play using the Circa sportsbook app or by visiting the Circa website. DOWNLOAD THE CIRCA SPORTS APP Your new bookie can now fit in your pocket with the Circa Sports Mobile App. To view our complete menu and live odds anytime, anywhere simply download the app. The stadium-like sportsbook inside Circa Resort and Casino in downtown Las Vegas isn’t opening until Oct. 28, but guests can reserve their seats in the tiered structure, just like being at the game. But the properties to the right and left of the Circa are cost-friendly (Golden Nugget, 4 Queens, etc.). And of course, you don’t have to stay at any specific property to enjoy any and all of the Las Vegas sportsbooks. Locals used to flock to Vegas sportsbooks, before online sports betting became an easy, legal alternative.

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With many pro and college sports seasons in full swing, you may be hoping to place a sports bet or two while you’re in Vegas. Downtown has got you covered!

There are multiple action-packed sportsbooks in several of the casinos along Fremont Street where you can lock in your bets and cheer on your teams.

Circa Sports at The D Las Vegas

The D Las Vegas has come a long way since Derek Stevens took ownership in 2012, including massive renovations and better gambling options. Netent hotline 2.

In June 2019, The D sportsbook was upgraded and rebranded under a new sports betting operation: Circa Sports. (Circa is the name of Derek Stevens’ new casino resort, but there are Circa Sports locations at The D, Golden Gate and the under-construction Circa.)

Currently, The D’s sportsbook is being upgraded once again! Here’s a look at what’s in the works.

Until the new sportsbook opens, guests can place bets at temporary sportsbook on The D’s first floor, as well as at self-service kiosks near Longbar.

The Circa Sports mobile app is also fun and easy to use.

Worth noting: Circa’s football contests are among the most lucrative in Las Vegas, with guaranteed prize pools in the millions. Read more.

Circa Sports at The D is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

New Circa Sportsbook

Circa Sports at Golden Gate Hotel & Casino

Sister casino of The D, Circa Sports at Golden Gate is the newest and hottest sportsbook in downtown Las Vegas.

It is the first Circa Sports location to offer a “no bet” wager, in addition to the traditional bets you’d see at a sportsbook. It also claims to have the most competitive sports betting menus in Las Vegas.

The new 1,297-square-foot sportsbook features 18 49-inch screens, so you have a great view of all the games wherever you’re sitting (space is limited).

You can make a wager at the counter, kiosk or download the Circa Sports app to make bets from your smartphone.

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Circa Sports at Golden Gate is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This way, you can always place a bet or catch a game in downtown Las Vegas even if your favorite sport happens to be overseas.

The Cal Sports Book

One of the favorite casinos in downtown Las Vegas is The California Hotel & Casino, also called “The Cal” by locals and regulars. Its charming Aloha vibe has also earned this casino the nickname of “The Ninth Island” with strong ties to Hawaiian food and culture. In fact, The Cal Sports Book features all the UH football games throughout the entire season. Score!

The Cal Sports Book is an upbeat but cozy spot located right in the casino. With 20 flat-screen TVs surrounding the main floor, you’ll always be able to catch your favorite sporting event here. You also have comfortable seating in the lounge with drink specials all day.

The book is open daily until the start of the last major event scheduled that day and features all the latest betting lines and futures bets.

Sports and Race Book at Fremont

The Sports and Race Book at Fremont features multiple flat-screen TVs showing all the popular games and horse racing.

A lot of the seating in the front is desk-style arranged in rows, but you also have chairs and tables farther back. The desk seating offers a personal monitor for each seat, so you can choose which game you’d like to watch.

You’ll find a lot of Vegas locals at this sportsbook, as well as horse racing fans. In addition to all the major betting available at this location, it offers particularly generous futures lines if you want to place a bet on an upcoming sporting event.

William Hill Sports Book at Four Queens

Operated by William Hill, the sportsbook at Four Queens Hotel and Casino features a bar-style setting with 42-inch flat-screen TVs showing all the biggest games and matches. Four Queens is right in the middle of all the Fremont Street Experience action, making it the perfect place to make a quick bet while enjoying a free live performance or catching the latest Viva Vision light show.

New Circa Sportsbook News

You can place your bets at the cashier counter or use the William Hill kiosk just off to the side. The Four Queens sportsbook also offers live betting, so you can make wagers on games that have already started. It’s a great option if you forget to make that bet ahead of time. With so many things to do in downtown Las Vegas, we don’t blame you!

Vegas Sportsbook at Golden Nugget


The Vegas Sportsbook at Golden Nugget is one of the most popular destinations for sports betters in downtown Las Vegas. It features a giant video wall, luxurious booths, leather club chairs, a relaxed atmosphere and a full bar for game time refreshments.

Because the Golden Nugget is independently owned, it is known for offering daily lines that might be a little more friendly than those you’d find on The Strip. Futures bets at the Golden Nugget sportsbook, in particular, give better payouts than other large sportsbooks you’ll find in Las Vegas.

Coming Soon: Circa Sports at Circa Resort

The highly-anticipated Circa Resort & Casino is coming to Fremont Street Experience in December 2020.

One of the most exciting things Circa will have to offer is its epic multi-level, stadium-style sportsbook. Once it’s completed, it will be the largest sportsbook in Las Vegas with the biggest screen in all of sportsbook history!

Circa Sports will operate the sportsbook at Circa Resort & Casino, delivering the best sports betting experience you could imagine. Owner Derek Stevens is pulling out all the stops for this one, so be sure to check back for updates.

Circa Sportsbook Colorado

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The next time you want to place a sports bet in Sin City, downtown Las Vegas is your best bet. We’ve also got awesome restaurants, casinos, Viva Vision light shows, the SlotZilla zipline and so much more at Fremont Street Experience.

Sports bettors now have a new option when heading to downtown Las Vegas – Circa Sports. The high-concept venues at the D Las Vegas and Golden Gate Hotel and Casino offer bettors a place to wager in style.

The new facility and brand debuted at the Golden Gate in early June, followed by an official unveiling of the new sportsbook at the D a few weeks later. Through Circa, Vegas casino owner and developer Derek Stevens hoped to bring something new in the sports betting space downtown.

“It’s no secret that I’m an avid sports bettor – I’m taking everything I’ve learned and everything I love and bringing it all to Circa Sports to create the best possible experience for our guests,” Stevens said. “Circa Sports will take people back to old-school Las Vegas hospitality, where our guests and oddsmakers interact closely in a friendly and fun environment.”

Plush Betting Environment

The Supreme Court ruling in 2018 allowing legalized sports betting in states outside Nevada has not only fueled the growth in sports betting in other states, but also in Nevada and Las Vegas. In 2018, the total amount wagered in the state topped $5 billion – a record-setting year.

It’s that environment Circa Sports hopes to take advantage of. The updated sportsbook at the D features a setting created with fans in mind. The facility features expansive TV screens with great viewing options as well as bar-top table games and self-service wagering kiosks.

Circa was designed by Moser Architecture Studio and design features are in line with the D’s upstairs Vue Bar. The bar area underwent a complete renovation, but with several characteristics from the bar highlighted in the new location. That includes an emphasis on marrying the bar’s classic aesthetics with Stevens’ vision for a modern gaming venture.

“Over the years, Vue Bar has become a fan favorite,” D and Golden Gate Vice President of Operations David Rosborough said. “We knew we had to honor the space and carry over as many elements as we could during the renovation, while still celebrating the exciting future for Circa Sports and the D Las Vegas.”

Bettors in Mind

The Circa sportsbook experience will be led by a team of the top oddsmakers in the city, and the properties plan to continue their commitment to emphasizing customer service to bettors of all betting backgrounds.

New Circa Sportsbook

As part of the official launch on June 1, Stevens introduced the Circa Sports Million Pro Football Contest. The season-long competition offers $1.5 million in prizes, including a $1 million payout to the champion. The competition also borrows a bit from the world of golf. The contest winner will be presented with a signature Circa blue custom-made Champion’s Coat from Stevens and his team each year.

Bettors can enter the contest by registering at Golden Gate for the $1,000 entry fee with registration open through Sept. 7. Mobile wagering has become extremely popular in Nevada and Stevens also debuted the new Circa Sports mobile app.

The sportsbook openings, contest, and mobile app debut aren’t the only major news for the company. The new multi-level, stadium-style book at Circa Resort and Casino is set to open in December 2020 in downtown Las Vegas. For more information visit