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Get the Best Keno Payouts in the State. Discover Ralston Keno, where you can win big, eat big, and win big! Also, find out about our weekly specials. 5130 S 72nd St, Ralston, NE 68127. Live ball draws at four of the restaurants are broadcast to more than 240 satellite locations in eastern Nebraska. BIG RED GIVING BACK A portion of every keno dollar. Bellevue, Nebraska (23rd & Cornhusker) Phone: 402-934-5367. Keno Bar& Grill. Nebraska's BEST Payouts! Fireball casino games. Located in Denton just a short drive from Lincoln or Crete. Cheap Food & Beer. Restaurant just 10 minutes from Lincoln.

Keno Reports to Hone Your Strategy

Hone your numbering strategy with Big Red Keno’s weekly Winning Combinations and Ball Draw Frequency reports. Two separate reports for live ball draws at our four Big Red Restaurant & Sports Bars are produced weekly and uploaded here for you to analyze.

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The Winning Combinations reports show you which 20 numbers were drawn in every keno game every day of the previous week at each of our four live ball draw locations. The Ball Draw Frequency reports analyze that information for you, making it easy to see which numbers were drawn most often last week at each location.

Daily Winning Combinations

Daily Ball Draw Frequency Reports


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Accuracy of Keno Reports

Big Red Keno makes every effort to ensure that the winning numbers shown on these reports are accurate. If you believe you’ve won a keno game, you must verify your ticket on the computerized keno system at the location where you purchased your ticket or at the Big Red Restaurant & Sports Bar in Omaha.

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In addition to verification, all other legal requirements must be met before you can be declared a winner. In the event of a discrepancy between our online reports and the computerized keno system, the latter shall prevail.