Mini Bingo

The gaming industry has come a long way since Super Mario and Pac-Man. Over a few decades, video games have become a recreational activity for adults, more than just for ten-year-olds.

Today, even many offline games like chess, ludo, bingo, poker, etc., have become a part of the online video games community. Furthermore, with online casinos becoming mobile-ready, gambling games like poker and bingo are gaining more popularity than ever. It’s easy accessibility, and multiplayer options have renewed the interest of players worldwide.

The game that has captured the attention of everyone across all age groups is bingo mini-games.

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What are Bingo Mini-games?

These are free bingo games that you can play offline or online. Traditionally, a gambling game bingo has now evolved further as exciting video games for every generation.

Did you know bingo mini-games can be played by kids too?

Now kids can enjoy playing bingo games with features like thrilling math gameplay and puzzles. They can have fun with bingo boosts, collection items, and lots of achievements while playing it. Some of the games also have free bingo quests for epic bingo live prizes and bonuses, including extra credits, coins, and power-ups.

You can also play some of these games offline. These mini-bingo games give you a chance to collect various puzzle pieces to progress in the video game and gain additional rewards. There are also some bingo mini-games that you can enjoy with themes like Christmas, tropical beach, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc.

So now, you have the option to play bingo both for free and for real money. The free bingo mini-games mostly focus on collectables and power-ups for winning. On the other hand, in bingo with real money, online casinos offer many bonuses, rewards, and mini-games, to stay engaged further.

Are you getting confused with the wide variety of bingo games online?

No need to get confused, mate!

Here, take a look at some of the best online bingo sites listed by BingoSites and choose the exciting bingo games you want to play from it. Even if you are a novice, bingo is the most easy-to-learn and enjoyable game. It can enlighten your mood instantly and make multiplying with your friends and family fun.

How To Play Bingo?

Whether you are playing against the computer or among friends online, all you need to do is strike-through the number on your bingo ticket as spoken by a bingo caller. You win the game in either of the circumstances

  • One Line: When you strike-through all five numbers in a column
  • Two Line: When you strike-through all five numbers across two columns on the same ticket
  • Full House: When you strike-through all 15 numbers across your bingo card


Digital technology has changed the entire gaming experience today. Now, you can enjoy playing bingo from any device, whether mobile, tablet, or laptop. All you need to do is register with a licensed bingo site or enjoy free bingo mini-games by downloading from Google Play/Apple store.

You are not using the latest stable version. This may be intended, for example if you want to look at a linked Sheet, however if you want to generate a new Bingo Sheet consider changing version.

You are using an in-development version, which may change at any time causing the same link to produce different goals. This is good if you want to make use of the latest updates to goals and for looking at a Sheet someone else just linked to you, otherwise consider changing to a stable version.

Rules and How to Race


To complete the Bingo, you must complete all five goals in a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

  • Goals referring to items that you are able to carry in your inventory (without any action specified), require you to have those items in your inventory at the moment you complete the Bingo. For example if a goal says 'Golden Apple', you must have the 'Golden Apple' in your inventory at the end. Completing the Bingo by dying (e.g. 'Kill yourself with an Ender Pearl' as last goal) has no bearing on this, because the Bingo is considered completed before the items are dropped.
  • If the goal describes an action, for example 'Tame a Wolf', then the goal is completed once you completed the actual action, in this case 'taming', so it doesn't matter what happens to the Dog afterwards.
  • For goals that ask you to place something in the Minecraft World, for example 'Build a glass cube and fill the inner with lava', you must make sure that the build does not get destroyed for the duration of the Bingo. However, you don't have to show it at the end, so if it wasn't witnessed being destroyed in the meantime it counts as intact.

Note: The goals are usually designed for the latest version of Minecraft (Java Edition).

Tip: You can click on the squares (or hover and use 1-4) to change their colour, which may be useful for planning or to mark off completed goals.

Bingo mania app. Tip: Hover over a '?' to get more information about that goal.

How to Race

To do a race, get together with some people and try to finish the Bingo as quickly as possible.

If you're the one setting up the race, generate a Bingo Sheet and then link it to the other players, so that everyone has the same goals. You can hide the table in the Options menu before generating the seed, so that you and everyone else will see the sheet only when the race starts.

Azuana Mini Bingo

If you got linked this sheet for a race, you are not allowed to change it in any way.

  • Use as Seed when creating the new world for the race in Minecraft (this is the same random seed used to generate this sheet). Make sure that all the racers are using the same ingame difficulty setting.
  • You may pre-load the world, but not start playing until the race starts.
  • Third-party applications or mods (for example Optifine, MCEdit or online Seed Maps) are not allowed.
  • Stream the race!

Mini Bingo Set

Note: This is the recommended way to play Minecraft Bingo, however if everyone in the race agrees, then of course a modified set of rules can be used.

Mini bingo daubers bulk

Tip: You can export the current sheet as JSON.


To ensure that each created Bingo Sheet always stays the same (even if goals are added or modified in the future) a version identifier is encoded into the URL. If you got linked this page for a race you should not change the version since this will most likely result in different goals.

In-development versions may change at any time, use at your own risk.

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