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At, we specialize in challenge coins and custom military coins for military units. However, we can create the finest custom challenge coins you’ll find anywhere for any organization or group. Just fill out our free quote form, or call us toll free at 1-877-670-2646 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll get started designing your custom challenge coins today. Get your hands on the best military challenge coins now.


Traditionally, challenge coins have been most popular among members of the U.S. Elite units such as Special Operations, Navy SEALs, and others take pride in designing their own unique limited-edition challenge coins. As military commanders learned, a challenge coin is also a fantastic way to build a sense of brotherhood between teammates. If you’d like your team to have all the fellowship and affiliation to each other of a tightly drilled military unit, then custom military coins are an incredibly effective way to inspire that spirit. Military challenge coins have been used since WWI and were issued to service men and women as symbols of brotherhood and sisterhood and unity. This tradition is still carried on to this day and carries with it stories to tell. Tell your story through our wide variety of challenge coins that are guaranteed to impress.

We assure you to provide you with finest quality challenge coins no matter which squad you want to represent. We take extreme pride in creating the best custom challenge coins for our heroes serving the nation.

Your vision will be carefully incorporated into the design by our expert challenge coin manufacturers. That’s not all, we also offer some great package options with fancy velvet case option to convenient PVC coin pouch.

We at believe in perfection and that’s why our expert team of graphic designers give their best to offer you with the best design. Also, we offer unlimited number of revisions so that you get your desired custom military coins.

With more than 22 years of experience, is your trusted partner for all your specialized coin needs. We understand the need for high quality, professional coins that you and your unit can be proud of and keep for years to come. We offer unique shapes and sizes as well as custom finishes that are sure to have your coin stand out from the rest. While we specialize in military coins, we also produce civilian challenge coins and custom coins as well!

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Suffolk County Police Department


Suffolk County Police Department – Emergency Service – Antique Gold with a diamond swirl edge.

Bravo Battery 1st Reg

Bravo Battery 1st Reg – 1 3/4 size – Antique Gold – 2 sides color fill – Special Cutout.

3rd Brigade Military Police

3rd Brigade Military Police Platoon – 1 3/4 inch – Antique Gold – 2 sides epoxy cover – 2 sides color fill – 2side diamond wave cut.

Army National Guard – Recruiting and Retention

North Carolina ANG Recruiting and Retention CSM coin, 1 3/4 size coin, 3 mm thick, Antique Gold, One side Photo Insert, Ribbed Edge, 1 Side Color fill, 2 Side Epoxy, No Diamond Cut. 2005

Corporate Fellows Coin

Sec Def Corporate Fellows Coin, 2 inch, Bright Shiny Gold, 2 sides color fill, 2 sides epoxy, 2 sides diamond swirl. 2004

NATO Training Mission

NATO Traning Mission – Iraq, 1 3/4 size, Antique Gold, 2 sides color fill, 2 sides diamond cut. 2004

189th Logistics Sq

Military Coins Usa

189th Logistics Sq – 1 5/8 size – 2 sides color fill – Antique Silver

Military Coins And Medallions

E4B Night Watch

Loot bet dota 2. #4 – Night Watch – Antique Gold – 2 sides color fill – 2 sides diamond wave cut.