Jurassic Park Slot Machine

Jurassic Park has 5 reels, 3 rows and is a ‘243 ways to win slot’. Your symbol on the reels include; a Velociraptor, a T-Rex, a Triceratops, a Brachiosaurus and a Dilophosaurus. Then there’s the human cast of the movie made up of; Dr. Allan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm and John Hammond. The animation of the Jurassic Park slot machine is the coolest one the gamer has ever seen. Dinosaurs look so realistic that the gamer will experience a real fear of the roar of those huge creatures. This marvelous performance, with the scenery of the jungles of the Jurassic period, is a unique spectacle, which can provide real money payouts. The Jurassic Park slot machine developed by Microgaming is simply spectacular, right up there with the Game of Thrones slot machine. The symbols are astonishing with animated 3D graphics that make you feel like the Dinosaurs are going to leap out of the screen, plus characters and cut scenes from the actual movie to keep the authenticity for fans.

T-Rex Slot Machine. Dinosaurs may be long extinct in the real world, but in the land of online slots, they’ve become a popular subject. Close on the heels of the popular Jurassic Park slot machine, but paling in comparison, is RTGs dino-themed T-Rex video slot with a 5-reel video slot format that offers 25 adjustable paylines. The wild symbol is the Jurassic Park logo and it substitutes all symbols except for the scatter. The scatter is represented by the mosquito trapped in amber and landing 3 of those symbols on a payline will trigger the free spins round. Play Jurassic Park slot machine for real money.

The Jurassic Park slot machine is yet another licensed slot to be developed by Microgaming, and yet again the powerhouse slots developer has come up with the goods by creating a spectacular slot to match the high standards set by the movie. With a maximum win of 95,000 coins up for grabs this is simply a ‘must play’!

Based on the original box office classic that was released in 1993 and has since spawned sequels, Jurassic Park sees us set off to the fictional island of Isla Nublar where a billionaire philanthropist and his team of scientists control a wildlife park of cloned Dinosaurs – with you enjoying Dinosaur sized wins!

As with many of the most popular Microgaming slots, Jurassic Park is a 243-ways slot machine played across 5 reels. High rollers will be disappointed by the low limits on offer though as there are only coin sizes available of 1p, 2p and 5p, and with one to ten coins allowed to be bet this means a minimum bet of £0.30 and maximum bet of just £15 per spin. Big bettors don’t worry though - the terrifyingly realistic animations will set your pulse racing instead!

Jurassic Park

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Spectacular Symbols

With the jungle in the background, the symbols in Jurassic Park appear in an eclipse shape, and they are quite simply spectacular. Characters from the actual movie are featured alongside lifelike Dinosaurs which are terrifyingly detailed and realistic!

The Jurassic Park logo is the Wild symbol and this can appear on any reel stacked, while a Mosquito is the Scatter and required for the free spins mode. In addition to these Dr Allan rant, Dr Ellie Sattler, Dr Ian Malcolm, and John Hammond make an appearance, with a T-Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, and Dilophosaurus completing the line-up of symbols that you will become acquainted with.

T-Rex Alert

An intriguing and very rewarding feature, T-Rex Alert is triggered completely at random so there are no combination of symbols to seek out. Once it does occur it sees 35 Wilds added to the reels which significantly enhances your odds of winning on each spin, and this lasts for a total of six spins to ensure you are well rewarded!

Free Spins Mode

No tricky combination of symbols needed here, simply land three or more Mosquito symbols in any position on the same spin and you’ll be randomly rewarded with one of five game modes – all based on terrifying types of Dinosaurs, with a generous 12 free spins provided along with the following rewards for each Dinosaur.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: This offers the Wild Reels feature enabling stacks of Wilds to fall on the reels, along with the Tyrannosaurus Rex symbol guaranteeing you a win when you land it and there are three-deep stacked versions of it that fall on screen too.

Velociraptor: This mode sees split and multiplier Wilds on the reels which means a symbol can be split in two if it means there will be a winning combination as a result of the split, therefore six of a kind wins are achievable which are worth double what the combination pays for five of a kind, plus there are multipliers of 4x, 5x, and 6x.

Triceratops: The Triceratops mode features Running Wilds which see reels that are partly covered by a Wild nudged to turn the whole reel Wild for much greater opportunities.

Brachiosaurus:Online game and win real money. Here you can reap the rewards of multipliers, which can be worth between 2x and 6x and really boost your total winnings.

Dilophosaurus: The final feature sees random positions on the reels turned Wild and they are then locked in position until the free spins mode has finished – meaning ample opportunity for very big wins if you land some early Wilds!

Once you have played 25 free spins games you actually get to select the feature of your choice rather than settling for the random choice provided by the game.

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Another Incredible Licensed Slot…

The Jurassic Park slot machine developed by Microgaming is simply spectacular, right up there with the Game of Thrones slot machine. The symbols are astonishing with animated 3D graphics that make you feel like the Dinosaurs are going to leap out of the screen, plus characters and cut scenes from the actual movie to keep the authenticity for fans.

Saying that, it is quite frustrating that you must play through 25 free spin modes in order to select the free spins mode of your choice as that is a lot - however if you manage to get that far you’ll already have accumulated some very hefty wins as they all prove very lucrative indeed!

Jurassic Park Free Slot

The long anticipated game, Jurassic Park, has finally made its debut at all Microgaming online casinos, and as we are accustomed here at freeslots.me, we bring you all of the newest games as soon as they are released so our players can enjoy them and try them for free before heading to online casinos to place real money bets on the game. Jurassic park is a video slot machine that is themed around one of the biggest and the most successful blog buster movies in all of cinema history, Jurassic Park. The movie took the main characters on a trip to an island that is inhibited by dinosaurs and this is exactly what this game does. This is because it invites players to enter the world of the movie and accompany the main characters during their journey on the dinosaur filled island. Players will get to feel the excitement and the adrenaline rushing through their veins as they place their bets and spin the reels.

The Jurassic Park Experience

The game creates the environment of Jurassic Park through the powerful and the well crafted visuals of the game. For example, the game takes place on the island as players will see the island with its trees and plants in the background of the reels. As for the symbols that will appear on the game’s reels and lines, they are also inspired by the movie and they include the Jurassic Park logo, the T-Rex, the doctor, the Tyrannosaurus, the velociraptor, the Triceratops among other dinosaurs and characters from the movie. They all come in amazing 3D visuals and the game itself comes accompanied by great sounds that allow players to enjoy the experience to the max through an immersive and an engaging gaming setup.

Being a Microgaming slot, players can expect to find a great set of regular payouts that they can earn through the regular game as well as special symbols and features that it has to offer. There is a wild symbol, which is the logo of Jurassic Park. This symbol can replace all other non bonus icons anywhere on the reels.
The game also has the T-Rex alert feature which is activated when a T-Rex is sighted. When this feature is activated, players will have a much better chance at claiming great rewards with up to 35x extra wilds.

Three or more than 3 of the fossil bonus symbol will trigger the bonus round of the game which is filled with free spins and other special features. Players who succeed in playing through 25 free spins rounds will be able to choose the free spins feature they want. Players can view all of these different free spin rounds at the paytable of the game that they can open by simply clicking on the View Pays button at the bottom left side.

Extended Review of Jurassic Park Slot

Jurassic Park Free Slots

In the world of Jurassic Park, people embark on a life or death journey with dangerous dinosaurs. In the free Jurassic Park slot games, players have the ability to join in on the journey and win some money along the way. The Jurassic Park free slots game is based off the original 1993 movie. Universal teamed up with Microgaming to create the digital slot machine.


New Jurassic Park Slot Machine

The game features music, imagery, and iconic scenes from the film. Popular characters appear in the game too, including Dr. Grant and Ellie. The trademark dinosaurs also appear on the slot machine.


Bonus Rounds

One of the easiest ways to build up winnings on the Jurassic Park game is by activating one of the bonus rounds. The Jurassic Park free slots features five different bonus rounds that can come into play. When the Jurassic Park logo wild symbol appears on three lines, one of the bonus rounds is activated. Each bonus round represents a different dinosaur and features.

For example, the T-Rex bonus spins feature random rows turning into full wilds. This is based off how loud the dinosaur screams on the slot machine screen. During the triceratops bonus spins, the dinosaurs can come across the screens and nudge the wilds up to expand them and create more winnings for the paylines.

Additional bonus spin rounds give out extra wilds, can multiply the value of a wild, and create multiplier bonuses for every single bonus spin. The Jurassic Park game clear showcases what bonuses are activated during all of the bonus spins.

During the course of the game, players can activate a random bonus known as the T-Rex warning. When this occurs, the screen will flash red and the stomps of a dinosaur can be heard. As this happens, 35 wild symbols are added to the collection of symbols. This helps increase the chance of winning and achieving large payouts.

More Game Detail

The Jurassic Park slot machine features five reels with three symbols appearing on each reel. The digital slot allows 243 different ways to bet these lines, including a max bet or autoplay option.

Getting five of the Jurassic Park symbols on a single line is the way to win the jackpot. The next highest paying symbol is the Dr. Alan Grant symbol. Dr. Ellie and Ian also have high payouts. The last human symbol is of the builder of Jurassic Park, John Hammond. When his symbols appear, some of his more memorable quotes from the movie will play on the screen.

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Additional symbols in the game include the T-Rex, raptor, and triceratops. When these symbols are activated, an animation plays and usually includes a small clip from the actual movie. The mosquito in ember represents the scatter symbol for the slot machine. Two or more scatter symbols offer varying payouts depending on the bet that you made.

Jurassic Park Slot Machine

Jurassic Park slot machines are played best in full screen mode. It features a lot of music, sound effects, and video clips to create a satisfying experience.