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1. The Bullion Buyback Program Overview

eBay is partnering with third-party experts to allow eBay users to sellprecious metals via the eBay platform (collectively known as 'the BuybackProgram').

These terms govern the use and participation in the Buyback Program. Theseterms may be amended, including cancelling the Program altogether, at anytime by posting the updated terms on eBay.com. You are also agreeing toadhere to theeBay User Agreement,Privacy Notice, and theAPI license agreementwhich are all incorporated herein.


2. Transaction Requirements

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All items listed for sale must be Bullion, and the total value of theBullion offered for sale in the listing must be at least one thousand U.S.dollars (US $1,000).

For purposes of the Buyback Program, Bullion is defined as precious metalscontaining gold, silver, platinum or palladium that includes coins, roundsand bars. Also, included are graded coins that include over ninety (90%) percent of onethe above listed precious metals.

3. Bullion Listings

Items will be listed on eBay.com via email on the Bullion Buyback page. Inorder to successfully complete the listing, you must provide a descriptionof the item or items being offered for sale. The description should includea picture of the item(s) offered for sale and a description describingrelevant information about the item(s), such as metal type, weight, year andcondition.

4. Offer

The Buyback Partner will review your listing and determine whether or notto provide you with an offer to purchase your item(s). The offer iscontingent on the authentication of the item for sale, the successfulcompletion of an identity and verification process (KYC Requirements) andyou being provided an offer in writing via email.

You may be required to provide additional information, including personalinformation, to the Buyback Partner as part of the identity andverification process.

Ebay Gold Coins

The offer will remain open for your acceptance for two (2) business days.The offer will include the Buyback Partner's terms and conditions forpurchases and an offer price.

The Buyback Partner will consider your description of the item(s) and useits expertise to set the offer price for your listing. The BuybackPartner will determine the offer price in its sole discretion. The offerprice will be stated by the Buyback Partner in terms of a US dollar amountover or under the spot price of the related precious metal and may includean approximate non-binding US dollar amount for references purpose. Theactual dollar amount of the offer price will be set upon acceptance.

You acknowledge that precious metals trade in relation to the dynamic spotprice market, and the offer price from the Buyback Partner may be described in relationto such spot market price.

5. Acceptance of the Offer

Upon accepting the offer, you will receive a written confirmation of theoffer price in US dollars based on the current spot price of the preciousmetal after the receipt of the acceptance.

If you elect to accept the binding offer from the Buyback Partner, thenyou have entered into a binding contract to sell your Bullion to theBuyback Partner.

6. Shipping Your Bullion

After accepting the offer, you are required to ship your Bullion forauthentication with the required order number and/or packing slip to theaddress provided by the Buyback Partner. You are responsible for all shippingcosts, including costs of insurance and packaging. In the event that youfail to ship the Bullion to the Buyback Partner within the required timeperiod, then the Buyback Partner may terminate the Bullion purchase uponwritten notice via email.

The Buyback Partner will confirm receipt to you viaemail. eBay and the Buyback Partner have no liability for your Bullionwhile it is in transit or otherwise in the possession or custody of anythird party, including, without limitation, any common carrier (i.e.,FedEx, UPS, USPS etc.) or delivery service.

7. Authentication of Your Bullion

Upon receipt of your Bullion, the Buyback Partner will authenticate yourBullion to confirm that it meets the description in your listing (e.g.,authenticity, no plating, no tampering). The Buyback Partner will followauthentication processes consistent with generally accepted industrystandards and in compliance with applicable law.

In order to verify that authenticity of the item(s) for sale, it maybe necessary to cut or otherwise irreversibly damage or the item(s). Also,due to industry requirements and/or local, state or federal laws regardingcounterfeit materials, it may be necessary to confiscate the item(s). Youacknowledge that neither the Buyback Partner nor eBay is responsible forany damage done to the item or items offered for sale during theauthentication process.

8. Payment

If Buyback Partner successfully authenticates the item(s) for purchase andverifies compliance with the KYC Requirements, then Buyback Partner willconfirm completion of the transaction to you in writing via email. You mustclick through a confirmation indicator (button or link) in the email inorder to complete the transaction and have your payment processed. You willbe paid, via PayPal, after the transaction has been processed.

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9. Item Return

If the authentication process or the KYC Requirements cannot be successfullycompleted, and your item for sale is in such condition that it can bereturned to you, then the Buyback Partner will ship the item back to youwithin fourteen (14) days after the notice of the authentication or KYCRequirements failure for delivery within thirty (30) days. The Buyback Partner willcoordinate with you to arrange for the return of your item(s).

If your item cannot be returned to you by law or regulation (e.g.counterfeit, stolen), or if you request and the Buyback Partner agreesthat your item not be returned, then the Buyback Partner will dispose ofyour item in its sole discretion in compliance with applicable law, whichmay include confiscation by law enforcement or resale of the item forsalvage.

10. Communications

You consent to receive communications electronically from the BuybackPartner and eBay. Specifically, you agree and consent to be contacted byus or the Buyback Partner, our agents, employees, and affiliates throughthe use of email, instant messaging or live chat, and/or telephone callsand/or SMS/MMS text messages to your cellular, home or work numbers, aswell as any other telephone number you have provided to us.

11. Qualification for Participation

To participate in the Buyback Program, (a) you must be a registered eBay user ingood standing; (b) you must have a registered U.S. address; (c) you musthave a U.S. PayPal account linked to your eBay account(Linking your PayPal and eBay accounts); (d) you must have a valid eBay selling account (you may be asked toconfirm your details and setup an automatic payment method for any eBayfees; and (e) if applicable, you must meet the Know Your Customer (KYC)Requirements under applicable law or regulation for the sale of Bullion.Participation in the Buyback Program is at the sole discretion of eBay and theBuyback Partner.

12. No Agency

These terms in no way constitutes or gives rise to an agency,partnership, joint venture or other relationship among you, eBay, or the Buyback Partner. TheBuyback Partner and you each will operate under these terms as anindependent contractor and not as an agent for the other. Buyback Partneris not an agent or affiliate of eBay.

13. Your Representations and Warranties

You represent and warrant that: (1) you are at least eighteen (18) years ofage; (2) you are the actual legal owner of any and all Bullion offered tobe sold, and have the unfettered right to sell and transfer your Bullion;(3) you can sell the Bullion free of all liens, encumbrances, liabilities,and adverse claims of every nature and description whatsoever; (4) allinformation you provide related to the offer and sale of the Bullion isaccurate and complete; (5) the Bullion is authentic; and (6) yourpossession and ownership of the Bullion is not from, or the result of,illegal activity in this country or any other country.

If you breach any of the above representations and warranties, you may beineligible to participate in the Buyback Program or use eBay sites and services in the future, andeBay may exercise any and all remedies, including restricting or suspendingyour use of eBay sites and services.

14. Breach

Without limiting other remedies, eBay or the Buyback Partner mayimmediately terminate the offer if: (A) you breach these terms andconditions, (B) eBay or the Buyback Partner believes that your actions maycause financial loss or legal liability to the Buyback Partner, eBay orany of their affiliates or (D) the Buyback Partner or eBay suspects thatyou (by conviction, settlement, insurance or escrow investigation, orotherwise) have engaged in fraudulent activity in connection with the itemor transactions contemplated under the Bullion Buyback Program.

15. IndemnityGold
You agree to indemnify and hold each of eBay and the Buyback Partner andeach of their respective officers, directors, agents, and employeesharmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees,made by any third party due to, connected to, or arising out of your breach ofthese terms, or your violation of any law or the rights of any third partyin connection with your participation in the Buyback Program.