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Daniel Negreanu is not going down without a fight in his poker challenge match against Doug Polk. After being down more than $1 million, Negreanu has won $436,886.63 over the past two sessions to. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Polk asked his Twitter followers what they thought of Negreanu tanking. Of the more than 6,700 voters, over 41% said the move was “totally fair play,” while 37.8% voted for “scummy move.”.

The grudge has been put to rest, both on the felt and off the felt it seems, between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu.

On the felt, the result was firm and resounding: Polk proved the superior performer in their $200/$400 heads-up match. Across 25,000 hands that spanned 36 sessions and three months, Polk beat his rival out of $1,201,807.

That left him with an impressive win rate of 12 BB/100, the envy of nearly any professional at any stakes, much less some of the highest in the world.

Daniel Negreanu Live Stream

Off the felt, the two 'buried the hatchet' in Polk's own words, linking up for a study session before finishing out the match. Negreanu said they shared war stories and Polk called him a worthy opponent, so it seems the rancor between the two top players has been put to bed after years of feuding.

Polk Finishes With a Flourish

After some initial stumbles that saw Negreanu trade off the lead a few times, Polk took command of the match around the 5,000-hand mark and pretty much never looked back.

Negreanu looked for a second like he might battle back as he twice reduced $1 million in losses to a number about half that.

Doubledown casino home page. However, it simply wouldn't sustain. Each time, Polk pulled back ahead, even after Negreanu booked a monster win of nearly $400,000 in a single session.

By the time the marathon final sessions went down, with Negreanu pushing hard and looking to play deep-stacked poker as a final Hail Mary, no real drama remained. Polk had secured victory, the only real question being where his final windfall would land.

Back-to-back wins north of $200K would see him finish in emphatic fashion. The final tally of $1.2 million represented his peak win after any session of the entire match, so Polk couldn't have asked for a better closing stretch.

In fact, a relaxed Polk, no longer on his guard about protecting his trade secrets, streamed the final session with cards up.

Where to From Here?

It's hard to say the final result was anything other than the expected outcome. One could debate whether the total win was above or below expectation, but the betting market had installed Polk as roughly a 4-to-1 favorite in advance of the match, no surprise given his vast experience edge in the heads-up format.

As for each player's next step, PokerNews may take a more thorough look in the coming days and weeks, but Polk made his wishes clear: he wants to return to semi-retirement and a rematch is out of the question.


Whether this particular retirement has more staying power remains to be seen.

Negreanu, as an active GGPoker, likely has no such desire. Having acquired considerable heads-up skills in his recent endeavors, though, there's been talk of more showcase matches, with Phil Galfondfloated as a possible opponent while he awaits his next pot-limit Omaha challengers.

Daniel Negreanu News

In any case, the book seems closed on perhaps the most high-profile feud in the game. Teeth and sausage are presumably intact but the price has been paid: Doug Polk is more than $1.2 million richer.

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23 Jun

Daniel Negreanu’s new wife, Amanda (nee Leatherman), has jumped to her husband’s defence after a highly-critical essay was posted on Twitter – Negreanu described in the piece as ‘The Leader of Stupid Inc.’

Negreanu’s wedding to Amanda Leatherman was front-page poker news recently, as was his parting of ways with long-time paymasters PokerStars, Daniel the world-famous ambassadorial face of the poker industry giant. His behaviour over the years, however, has made him plenty of enemies.

Public fallouts and disputes with Doug Polk, Shaun Deeb, Irish ChipRace podcaster David Lappin and many, many others have seen numerous would-be/should-be colleagues of DNegs blocked on Twitter.

That’s what happened to the pseudonymous Twitter account of ‘Rachel Lees’, the person behind it clearly familiar with both the poker community and the business world.

With Negreanu extremely unhappy at being called a ‘hypocrite’ for his ‘More Rake is Better’- type arguments, and the ‘Rachel Lees’ byname claiming to say the things others “can’t due to fear of imbecile poker mobs, trolls and virtue signallers” the fallout is unsurprising.

Lees’ criticism picks apart Negreanu’s entire career, with sub-heading such as;


The hard-hitting 5600-word opinion piece has received the same divided response seen in most of Negreanu’s spats.

There were those opposed to Lees’…

…while others were grateful for a well-constructed argument against DNegs, and on poker in general…

It was Negreanu’s other half Amanda, however, who was most forceful in her denunciation of the essay, calling out one user for agreeing with it…

… leading to allegations of bullying and ‘cult-behaviour’

…and then a fiery response and hardly-unexpected block from the new Mrs Negreanu

With the ‘Rachel Lees’ account planning to leave poker Twitter at the end of the month it could well be the end of this particular spat, but what are the odds on another Negreanu fallout appearing before long?