Copag Texas Holdem

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Baralho Copag Texas Holdem

Items:Copag edge barcode cards

  • Copag Texas Holdem poker cheat cards are widely used in Europe and Brazil as they have 2 different versions. There aren't a bit different on the back pattern, just the color will be a little different. Copag Texas Holdem cards made in Belgium are red and black, while those cards from Brazil with burgundy and black color.
  • The Texas Hold'em line is a great way to try out genuine Copag plastic playing cards or keep your players happy at your next tournament. 100% plastic playing cards. Poker size (wide) cards (2.5 by 3.5 inches). Regular (small) indexes in the corners. Metallic cardboard tuckbox. Burgundy back color.
  • The Copag Poker set includes: 300 x 14g Poker chips 1 metal dealer button A deck of Copag Gold 100% PVC large index playing cards Robust black wooden box Texas Hold'em Poker game rules. Dimensions: 15.7x7.9 inch. Product Ref.: 00H126.
  • Buy Copag Texas Hold'em Poker Set Texas Hold'em Poker Set from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Cash On Delivery! Key Features - Casino Styled Game, High-Quality PVC, Waterproof. Buy Poker & Chip Sets toys online in India Toys for Boys.

Description of Copag Texas Hold'em Marked Cards. Copag Texas Holdem Playing Cards' Features: 1,100% Plastic-Jumbo Index-Wide Size. 2, 52 Cards+2 Jokers+1 Guarantee Card. 3, Card Size: (Standard size for playing cards). Invisible Marks. Copag Texas Holdem playing cards are available in red and black of Poker Size Jumbo Index, red.

Material: Plastic
Size:Poker Size
Index:Dual (large and small) Indexes
Color:Red & Black
Package:Metallic Cardboard Tuckbox

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Copag Texas Holdem dual peek playing cards is designed for 2005 and 2006 World Series of Poker. This deck of 100% plastic playing cards features the popular export back design. Each deck of cards contains 54 poker-size cards with dual indexes.
We mark the playing cards with barcode at four sides, which could be detected by poker analyzer or poker scanner. The computer program in the phone will predict the winner according the information that involves in barcode. As the poker game begins for 2 or 3 seconds, you have already got the result. What's more, the barcode is invisible , you cannot see them with your naked eyes. It is the same as ordinary cards in normal condition. It is a great cheating device perfect for Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, Omaha and Baccarat.

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Items:Copag best marked deck

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Material:100% Plastic
Deck:Double Decks
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
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Cartas Copag Texas Holdem

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How long does a perspective deck be used? The players that have not used perspective marked cards may no idea, even some players did not know perspective marked cards. In fact, perspective marked cards look like the normal playing cards on the appearance, so other will not suspect the cards.

The using time of invisible ink marked playing cards are same as the normal playing cards. And the times you use will affect the using life of the marked cards. Perspective marked cards are used special invisible ink with professional machine to print the marks on the back, using the perspective contact lenses and glasses, you can see the numbers and suits on the back.

Copag cards are made of 100% plastic, are the official cards of World Series of Poker Tour. Copag Texas Holdem Dual Peek Index playing cards is made in Belgium, is one of the most popular playing cards. Copag Texas Holdem Dual Peek 4 PIP Index currently are available poker size. Their special design and professional quality with the advanced marking technology will make your excellent experience.

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Copag Texas Holdem Game

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