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On Celestial King Slot, you may select a stake value amounting from a minimum of £0.50 up to a maximum of £80.00. These values can be selected by navigating through the plus and minus button on the green tab. The Celestial King Slot is a 30 fixed payline slot game and as such, does not offer the option to modify play lines. Celestial King is a magical Asian-themed slot set high in the heavens. It is loosely inspired by the legend of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King who takes center stage in Journey to the West, one of the four classic novels in Chinese literature.

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An engaging slot game featuring an Asian adventure, Celestial King is loosely inspired by the Chinese legend of the Monkey King. A charming monkey guides you through a golden kingdom, a fantasized version of the forbidden city ruled over by the immortal monkey. As you take the well-traveled road to historical China, you come across a range of extras and earn amazing rewards.

Produced by gaming giant Bally Technologies, this game has a picturesque backdrop that provides stunning views of the heavenly surroundings. The background features an enthralling moonlit sky that comprises shades of purple and pink. There are also golden pagodas and citadels as well as cherry blossom trees can be seen behind the reels. To bring that truly Asian feel, an uplifting and unique soundtrack inspired by older Chinese music complements the stunning visuals. This not only provides a nice environment but also keeps you in good spirits even as you bow before the king. The rewarding online slot has charming animations and enchanting graphics that keep you truly immersed during the entire period of play.

How the game works

Celestial King is a five reel, three row, 30 payline video slot that can be played on all devices. There are four different opportunities for Jackpots: the Minor Jackpot, the Mini Jackpot, the Major Jackpot, and the Grand Jackpot. The paylines have been fixed in place, meaning you cannot alter the number of active paylines. There are a total of 23 options from which players can choose, starting from a minimum bet of $0.50 to a maximum bet of $80. The base game features various symbols, including higher-paying symbols like a bejeweled token, a jovial pig, and a Celestial Queen. For the lower-paying symbols, you have a lotus flower, a stack of golden coins, and the alphabetical symbols A, K, Q, and J. The symbol of Celestial King represents the wild symbol, while a decorated dragon serves as the trigger for the Hot Spin feature.

The controls you need to play Celestial King are located to the right of the reels. You also get to set your bet in total rather than per payline, and turn sound and sound effects on and off depending on your preference. Once you hit the spin button, all you will need to do is wait for the symbols to slot into place and see whether luck is on your side. You can know immediately if you achieve a win by looking at the Monkey King’s moves and paying attention to the slight animation of the symbols involved in the win. To win the slot, a minimum of three symbols should be aligned across a payline, and the winning combinations must begin from the reel to the extreme left.

How the bonus features work

There are several bonuses that can be triggered as you play Celestial King. Part of learning the basics of the game involves understanding these bonus features and how they work to enjoy the adventure and increase your payouts with every spin.

Grand Jackpot

The grand jackpot is the highest prize in the game. This feature is activated when you have 5 jackpot wild symbols across a payline. To be eligible for the jackpot, you should wager at least $4. Wagering more than $4 will see the jackpot amount increase, effectively allowing you to enjoy higher prizes.

Mini, Minor, and Major Jackpots

These jackpots can be won even when you are playing with less than $4 per spin. The jackpot amounts will appear above the reels and will not change if your stake is less than $4.

Free Spins

Like many other slots, Celestial King has a free spins bonus activated when at least three scatters appear on the reels. When this happens, you will receive eight free spins. In case at least three scatters appear on the reels during one of the free spins, the feature will be retriggered, and you will be awarded more free spins.

Celestial King Re-Spin Bonus

The re-spin bonus is activated when at least five scatters appear on the reels during a spin. This feature gives you three re-spins, higher reels appear, and only higher value scatters and symbols will appear. These scatters can generate wins of up to 50 times your initial stake.

Where to play this game in the US

Considering the interesting features that this slot offers, both beginners and seasoned players will want to enjoy Celestial King. The good news is that the slot game is available in multiple states at online casinos across the US. These include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan. You should consider playing at regulated and legal casinos such as PokerStars Casino, Virgin Casino, and Tropicana Casino to ensure you take advantage of the fair gambling environment.

Final thoughts


Celestial King is an innovative slot game that has something for every player. The game also features stunning graphics, an immersive theme that offers plenty of action, and amazing bonus features. Apart from the engaging bonus features, Celestial King is a favorite among players because of the jackpot opportunities it presents. All you need to do is choose your bet size, set the number of lines to play, and hit the spin button. Hollywoodbet app download.

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Celestial King Slot Review

Inspired by the classic Chinese legend of the Monkey King, the Celestial King slot machine provides a delightfully cute game with a whole lot to love.

Scientific Games and Bally draw players into a fantasy world that is filled with dancing cartoons, jackpots and bonus rounds. While the range of bonus systems may seem confusing at first, the mixture of lovely artwork and exciting range of ways to win should keep players coming back.

The art design featured in Celestial King is really remarkable. Each graphical choice is both beautiful and functional.

Golden towers and a purple moonlit sky draw you into the fantasy world, but the background for the reels stays a simple, bold red that matches the color scheme and lets the symbols stand out against it.

The symbols themselves are great. While the card symbols A, K, Q and J aren’t too exciting, each of the higher tier spaces gets a unique 3D-style portrait or design. The designs for the priestess, pig, medal, coin, lotus, bonus dragon and Celestial King wild space all have a stylish cartoon look while appearing to rise off of the board.

There are also a number of animations in place. Winning paylines trigger the symbols to move, shine and dance. Watching the little Celestial King unroll the “wild” scroll makes the win a little sweeter. This also makes winning paylines very easy to spot.

On top of all that, while you play the larger Celestial King above the reels will do little dances and flourishes with his staff to congratulate players on their winnings.

The music is a fairly standard soundtrack inspired by older Chinese music, which provides a nice environment even if it’s nothing special compared to the art.

Compare Game Features – Paylines – RTP

Game Specs for the Bally’s Celestial King slot machine
SoftwareScientific Games / Bally
Min. Bet$0.50
Max. Bet$80
Max. RTP96%
Max. Jackpot$5,000
FeaturesWild, Scatter, Free Spins
Mobile AppYes

Celestial King: Core Gameplay

Getting past all of the amazing graphical flairs, the core slots gameplay is fairly simple. The machine features five reels and three rows in standard mode. There are 30 paylines, although players don’t have an option to reduce the number in play.

Each spin requires a minimum bet of 50 cents to cover the lines and extra scatter plays. The paylines are fairly generous. The symbols just need to appear in each reel from left-to-right to trigger a win.

Wild spaces are available in all the reels to help fill out paylines. Three matches of the general symbols or two wild spaces are the minimum to trigger a payout.

Also, note that there is the option to put a traditional jackpot into play. If the player bets at least $4 on a spin, that spin becomes eligible for the grand jackpot. This adds the option for special jackpot wild spaces to form on the reels. They act like normal wild spaces for filling paylines, but getting five jackpot wilds in a payline will trigger the grand jackpot.

At $4, the grand jackpot is $5,000, and it multiples along with the total bet at a 1,250x multiplier.

Celestial King Free Spins and Respins

Players not interested in trying for the grand jackpot, aren’t out of luck though. The slot game Celestial King features two exciting bonus game systems that are available at all bet levels.

The first is a simple, free spin bonus round. While playing the game, dragon bonus symbols may appear on the reels. Getting at least three at a time anywhere on the board will trigger the free spin round.

In this round, players begin with eight free spins, but bonus spaces can still appear on the board to stack on extra wins. Getting at least another three on a free spin will add another eight spins to the round.

Aside from any winnings from the free spins, players will also receive a flat bonus based on how many bonus spaces triggered the game. Three, four or five dragons respectively reward the players with 5x, 10x or 15x the total bet.

There’s a second bonus game available through the recurring scatter bonus spaces.

These spaces, which look like pots with credit values on them, can appear on the board during any normal spin. They can have values between 1x and 50x the total bet on that spin. Getting three or more triggers the special Celestial King Respin game.

When the game is triggered, the entire board starts to morph into a new staircase style layout. The scatter spaces that triggered the game stay locked in place as the second, third, fourth and fifth reels grow to be four, five, six and seven rows tall.

The player starts this respin round with three spins. Each spin rolls a separate reel for each free space on the board. The goal is to get new scatter bonuses to pop up.

Celestial King Slot Video

These new scatter bonuses will also be 1x to 50x multipliers of the original total bet. If a scatter bonus space shows up, it’s locked into place and the spin count resets. The game only ends when every space is full, or the player goes for three spins without any new scatter spaces showing up.

Celestial King Slot Machine Video Jackpots

At the end of the game, each of the scatter bonuses showing on the board are counted and paid. If the player manages to fill up the third, fourth, or fifth reel during the game, then they’re awarded the matching mini, minor or major jackpot.

Filling the entire bonus board results in a 50x multiplier bonus. Note that the mini, minor and major jackpots do not multiply with the total bet until the bet is over $4.

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Final Thoughts

The strengths of the Celestial King slot machine game should be fairly apparent. It’s a great game top-to-bottom with something for every player.

The graphics are cute and charming without being distracting. Players with bigger limits can shoot for the grand jackpot, but the bonus games are still available for low-limit players.

The 96 percent RTP means that this isn’t even a guilty pleasure. With lots of small wins to keep a bankroll alive and plenty of varied opportunities for bigger wins, this machine is definitely worth players’ time.