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  • Starts February 1 - February 27th download your Free bingo card here! Are you a business who wants to be on March’s board? Visit all Our Small Businesses on the board Here.
  • I grabbed my fellow business-babble-averse co-worker Shannon Johnson, and hammered out a list of the 85 most egregious business babble buzzwords. Then I created some Bingo cards - available for you to print out or just save to your desktop - in this form-free, downloadable PowerPoint.

With an overall goal of encouraging support for small businesses in the valley, Twin Cities Development and participating businesses from Morrill to Bridgeport are playing Business Bingo.

TDC’s Michelle Coolidge tells KNEB News that with people travelling for games or other events, Business Bingo provides a fun opportunity to score a $25 gift card as a reward.

Coolidge says Bingo cards have been distributed to participating businesses from Morrill, Mitchell, Scottsbluff/Gering, Minatare, McGrew Bayard and Bridgeport.

She says you just need to make a minimum $10 purchase in order to play. You will then get a sticker you can place on the Bingo card marking that they have completed the task for that particular business. Then when you get a Bingo in the traditional sense, you bring the card in to TCD to be verified. You will then receive a $25 gift card that has been donated by those participating businesses as a prize.

Current cards can be picked up at any of over 30 participating business with the 1st round already underway running until October 31st or until October prizes are claimed. If none are claimed, she says they will have anyone that participated bring their cards in to be entered into a drawing.

A new game will tentatively kick off in mid-November.

Any businesses that would like to participate can contact Michelle Coolidge at TCD to be a part of the Christmas game.

Small Business Bingo

Businesses currently participating as of this publication are:

Marketplace Coffee Company

West Nebraska Arts Center

Cappuccino & Co.

Money Wise Office Supplies

Lynne Morgan Boutique

Tossed n Found

Beeline Services

Monument Inn & Suites

Uptown Scottsbluff – ANY BUSINESS IN THE MALL

Skyview Drive In Theater



Studio B

Sam and Louie’s

Bayard Tiger Paws

Call Me Cupcake

Chimney Rock Golf Course

Tarnished Halo

Pink Palace

16th Street Empire

Emporium Coffee Thing (MSM)

Pumpkin Patch

Redz Bar & Grill

GT Mart

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Flowers on Broadway



TC & More

Garden Gate

Nein Pharmacy

O Street Nutrition

Bluffs Nutrition

Broken Spoke

Rustic Tavern


Must be 16 years old to play.

Pick up a game card at any of the participating businesses or at the Twin Cities Development office.

Go to the participating business or attraction shown on your game card.

Earn a sticker for the corresponding square by spending a minimum of $10 in merchandise, services, or gift cards. Business will place the sticker on the card in their spot. If the first business you visit and get a card is not shown on your card, you may put the sticker on the “Wild Card” spot after your purchase is made. Otherwise, any participating business can be used for the “Wild Card” spot. Receipts will be required when turning in your completed Bingo card. For attractions, please take a picture from inside or grab a pamphlet from the attraction and we will give you a sticker when you turn it in.

“Uptown Scottsbluff” can be completed by presenting a receipt from any business in the mall to the office for the sticker.

As in the traditional game, work to earn a bingo by getting 4 covered squares in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal).
Once bingo is achieved, return the card to the TCD offices, located at 1620 Broadway in Scottsbluff to validate, and collect your prize.
If you choose to earn an entry into the grand prize drawing, a copy will be made of your game card and you can continue to work toward achieving a “blackout”.

Play as many cards as you choose, and each blackout earned qualifies as an entry.

Blackouts will be drawn at a future announced date.

If you are business owner in Scottsbluff, Gering, Mitchell, Morrill, Bridgeport, Bayard, McGrew, or Minatare and are interested in participating in the next Business Bingo, please contact Twin Cities Development at 308-632-2833 or via email at [email protected]

John McCain buzzword bingo from the 2008 presidential election

Buzzword bingo, also known as bullshit bingo,[1] is a bingo-style game where participants prepare bingo cards with buzzwords and tick them off when they are uttered during an event, such as a meeting or speech. The goal of the game is to tick off a predetermined number of words in a row and then signal bingo to other players.


Buzzword bingo is generally played in situations where audience members feel that the speaker is relying too heavily on buzzwords or jargon rather than providing relevant details or clarity. Business meetings led by guest speakers or notable company personalities from higher up the pay scale are often viewed as a good opportunity for buzzword bingo, as the language used by these speakers often includes predictable references to arcane business concepts, which are perfect for use in the creation of buzzword bingo cards.

Turkey bingo requires the winner to ask a question or make a statement using his/her winning bingo words, thus signaling the win to insiders while ideally prompting the speaker to respond as if the question or statement were real. An alternate variation requires the person who has achieved bingo to raise his or her hand and use the word 'Bingo' within the context of a comment or question. Other versions of the game require actually yelling 'Bingo!' To avoid the reprimands that would likely result from doing so, participants may resort to looking at one another and silently mouthing the word 'Bingo' instead.

An example of a buzzword bingo card for a business management meeting is shown below.[2]

ScalableLife CycleMarketsTimelineRestructuring
Risk ManagementOff-lineSales DrivenPenetrationDrop the Ball
BenchmarkProactiveFree SpaceCustomer ValueR.O.I.
ReviewGranularFacilitateTouch BaseOut of the Loop

Creation and popularization[edit]

Buzzword bingo at Wikimania 2015

By 1992, college students played a game called 'turkey bingo' where they guessed which classmates would dominate conversations in classrooms.[3] This led to a variant popular in business schools called 'bullshit bingo' based on overused business lingo.[4] The Buzzword Bingo name was coined in early 1993 in an internal Silicon Graphics tool made by principal scientist Tom Davis in collaboration with Seth Katz, and popularized in 1993 in the first public web version by fellow employee Chris Pirazzi [5][6] The 22 February 1994 Dilbert comic featured buzzword bingo in an office meeting.[7][8]

One documented example occurred when Al Gore, then the Vice President of the United States, known for his liberal use of buzzwords in enthusiastically promoting technology, spoke at MIT's 1996 graduation. MIT hackers had distributed bingo cards containing buzzwords to the graduating class. Gore, who had been informed of the prank, acknowledged it during his speech.[9][10]

In 2007, IBM created a TV advertisement that was based on the concept of buzzword bingo.[11] A 2013 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Episode 10 of Series 1: 'Thanksgiving') began with a game of 'Boyle Bingo'. Video gaming website GameSpot hosted a video called 'Executive Buzzword Bingo', in which they held a running tally of buzzwords uttered during Sony's 'PlayStation Meeting 2013' conference event on 20 February 2013.[12]

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