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This bingo card has a free space and 43 words: Someone shares a RECIPE, 'just one more bite', Someone says [food] is COLD, 'when I was your age..', 'Are you still single?', Someone sings PRAISE, Someone GOBBLES, 'HALLELUJAH', 'I need a NAP', EVEN numbered seat, ODD numbered seat, Made a new FRIEND, Heard a BELCH!!!!, BATHROOM BREAK, LAUGHTER, TRAVEL PLANS, People CHANGE seats, Someone complains about PIE, Someone says GIBLET, Someone says THANK YOU, PRAYER, Someone is late, Someone says LEFTOVERS, People HUG, Oh snap! Spilt drink., UNKNOWN guest arrives, Introduce yourself to someone, Someone is cracking JOKES, Someone cries SAD tears, Store-bought DESSERT, Selfie at the table, Someone gives cooking advice, 'Black Friday', 'AMEN', Someone goes for seconds, Someone COUGHS, Someone drops their fork, Someone cries HAPPY tears, 'I'm thankful for my family', 'I'm stuffed!', 'I don't like [type of food]', Mrs. Libby never sits down and Out of PUNCH.

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Bingo is a licensed activity that many charitable organizations use to raise funds for their causes. The Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Law Section regulates bingo throughout the state and licenses eligible nonprofit organizations. It also licenses bingo manufacturers and distributors. Thanksgiving Bingo Free Printable Enjoy your turkey day with this fun Thanksgiving Bingo Game. This bingo game is perfect for kids and adults to play while waiting for delicious food to cook. This post contains affiliate links and we will earn commission if you buy the products through those links. These free printable Thanksgiving Bingo cards are fun for the whole family! Use them as a low prep way to keep your kids busy while you cook or have a family bingo game after your holiday meal. This post has been completely updated for 2020 to include even more Thanksgiving bingo cards and a larger image pool for longer games. If you downloaded.

Giving bingo card with Befriended someone new, Extra chores around the house, Held a door for a stranger, Prayed for the Youth ministry, An act of service for your neighbor, Asked about a family members day, Picked up 10 things around house not yours, Gave a homeless person some food, Said Thank you to God and Shared the Gospel w/a non-beliver. The Bingo Giving brand is owned by Daub Alderney Limited, with an address at Inchalla, Le Val, Alderney, Channel Islands, GY9 3UL (the 'Brand Owner' as defined in the.

Thanksgiving Bingo! FRIENDSGIVING BINGO Thanksgiving Emily and Stephen's 2nd Annual Thanksgiving HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

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Supporting Community Through Philanthropy

During initial phases of reopening and limited operations, we will not be accepting donation requests. Please check back for updates.

Potawatomi Hotel & Casino demonstrates concern for the community in a variety of ways, starting with making an impact on state and local communities by providing thousands of jobs and being a strong employer.

Bingo Giving

The efforts to strengthen our community begin with the business’ signature community program— Heart of Canal Street. Since 1994, Heart of Canal Street has donated more than $13.6 million to organizations that provide the gift of a promising future to thousands of local children.

Potawatomi Hotel & Casino is committed to supporting the community, whether through city and county revenue-sharing payments that reduce the tax burden and help provide essential services, or by building community, civic and business partnerships to advance and address the needs of the area.

Part of Potawatomi Hotel & Casino’s social responsibility efforts includes recycling its used playing cards within the community. These cards are made available to organizations for use with adults.


PHC limits its donations of playing cards to nonprofit, civic or other business/trade organizations within an approximate 100-mile radius of the Casino. Organizations must pick up the cards.

The Casino does not accept requests for playing cards from K-12 schools or provide cards to people under 18 years of age. The Casino avoids any situation that may be considered marketing to minors.


One of the ways Potawatomi Hotel & Casino helps area nonprofits, civic or other organizations (within an approximate 125-mile radius of the property) is through the donation of items for fundraising events. Auction and raffle items provided at the discretion of PHC include:

  • Restaurant Gift Cards
  • Hotel Stays
  • Bingo Certificates
  • Tickets to The Northern Lights Theater

PHC does not donate items to:

  • Corporations or other for-profit entities
  • Third-party fundraisers
  • K-12 schools
  • Casino nights
  • Individual appeals or benefits
  • Churches, political causes or events that will include people under 18 years of age in attendance.

Would you like to learn how to become a Heart of Canal Street charity? Visit our Heart of Canal Street page and find out what steps to take to submit your organization.

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A major effort of the Foundation and its funds is to assist charitable organizations that help those people who are faced with economic challenges. As a result, the Foundation targets its resources to those areas with a high percentage of individuals with low and very low incomes. Read more »