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There are some bingo sites that give you amazing online bingo deals. You get to play all kinds of online bingo games and you can take advantage of all kinds of features and perks that these UK online bingo sites have to offer. That’s what I love about playing bingo online. There is so much more fun and excitement than what you can ever experience at a land based bingo hall. Land based bingo halls are fun and all, but sometimes when everyone has to keep so quiet and play, it seems more like a chore than a game.

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Online bingo halls take away that problem completely. In order to ensure that you get a wholesome online casino gaming experience, online bingo sites have deliberately offered online chat facilities. I don’t think they could have come up with a smarter way to make online bingo different and more entertaining that land based bingo. So now you can meet new people, make new friends and chat with them while you play bingo. It’s a really fun experience. The chat facility at online bingo halls has become so popular that now online bingo halls have their own bingo communities. You can stay connected to this 24/7 network through chat. And in case your friends are not online at the wee hours of the night you always have the Chat Hosts to chat with. Chat hosts are almost like the customer service of the online bingo site. You can get their help and have any of your doubts clarified instantly. If you are new to the whole chatting business at bingo sites you can always get a little help and information about the chat lingo from the bingo site itself. Online bingo sites like Party Bingo has a special section called Chat Phrases that actually gives you info on the chat lingo and other etiquette that you need to follow when you chat with other bingo players.


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So an online bingo site allows you to jabber away while you play, but is online bingo gaming very different from land based bingo? The answer is No. Online bingo games are just like the land based games and you do not have to re-learn the game to play it online. In fact I would say that the online bingo games are much easier to play than the live bingo games. This is because the online games are powered by software so the game is mostly automated. When the numbers are called you don’t even have to struggle to find the numbers on your cards, the software will do it for you and mark them off too. This is especially helpful when you are playing with multiple cards.

Online bingo gaming has other advantages too and the most important one is the bonuses that you receive. Online bingo sites offer you bonuses when you join, deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses and lots more bonuses. 888ladies Bingo gives you a £25 welcome bonus while Foxy Bingo Chit Chat Bingo and Party Bingo offer you a £20 welcome bonus. These bonuses are really helpful because you can use the money to buy more bingo cards and play more without having to spend more. The bonuses at most online bingo halls may not be very large, but that shouldn’t worry you. A lot of online bingo halls offer you free bingo cards and even free online bingo games and you can win real money. Foxy Bingo and 888ladies Bingo offer free bingo games every hour and great prizes can be won during these free games. Party Bingo gives you free bingo cards during their special BOGOF hours. So even if the bonuses aren’t huge like the ones offered at online casinos, you can still enjoy a great deal.

It’s not just bingo that you can play and enjoy at online bingo sites. Many sites offer a whole collection of games and even casino games that you can play for free and real money too. So you can play a wide variety of games at a single bingo site. The most popular casino game that is offered by bingo sites is slots. You can also find games like blackjack and roulette at some bingo sites. There are lots of other fun games like Pachinko, keno and lots of mini games that you can play too. So while you are waiting for your next bingo game you can have a round of other fun games win great jackpots on these games too.

The jackpots at new bingo sites are definitely not small amounts. Jackpots at online bingo sites range from thousands to even millions or pounds. And the lucky winners of these great prizes get to have their pictures or names appear in the highly coveted winner’s column. And how wouldn’t want to be a part of that illustrious club?

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The online bingo sites that offer you the best deals ever have got to be 888ladies Bingo, Foxy Bingo, Chit Chat Bingo and Party Bingo. These online bingo sites give you a great online bingo gaming experience and also welcome you to a very happening online bingo community.